Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sports Bottle and 30 Day Fitness Challenge GIVEAWAY

Gosh you guys,there is an exciting giveaway over at Star Systemz and you seriously need to check it out! Fit & Fabulous Courtney is launching her 30 Day Fit and Fabulous Challenge!
The challenge is a FULL 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Guide that will take you to FIT and FABULOUS in just 30 Days! (And you can WIN this challenge for FREE!!! Plus the food looks amazing.) Just ask Annie from The Lovely Girl Blog.  She took the challenge and loved it.

Not only do you get to win this amazing challenge right before Summer starts, but your bestie will win it with you! AND you get to win this amazing sports bottle made by yours truly.  I mean, who wouldn't want to stay hydrated and sport a super cute glitter dipped sports bottle?

Here's what you can win!
*One Fabulous Girl + her BESTIE will get a FREE 30 Day Fit & Fabulous Challenge Program and a glitter dipped sports bottle.
*Two Fabulous Girls + Their Besties will get a 50% off code for the 30 Day Fit & Fabulous Challenge Program
*EVERYONE who enters will get a copy of Annie’s favorite leg workout from the Fit & Fabulous Challenge which she did with her sister who absolutely LOVED the burn! 

This giveaway is open til May 26, so get your pretty little butts over to Courtneys blog to start your summer off right!