Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Favorite Little Things About Fall

I know, I know. I haven't been around much around in the blogger world and my posts seem to keep starting off with things like Sorry, haven't been around in a while, and I promise I will catch up soon. Who knew owning your own online business would take up so much of my time. *Insert sarcasm here* I couldn't be more thankful and grateful for all the love and support for my business and that's really the reason I am not blogging as much as usual. Between my full time job, and wanting to have somewhat of a social life, there's not much room for it. I try to keep up with my blogging friends as much as possible though! You guys are the reason I even wanted to blog in the first place! So now on to the fun stuff!

Fall weather changes are a favorite for me. Even though I live in Southern California and we don't really get the real "FALL weather," it is still my favorite time of year because of the events that follow:

1. September Football
Although I am not huge into football. Something about having your friends come over to watch the games and setting out fun snacks just warms my heart.

2. Fall Decor 
The colors of Fall are my favorite! They are so welcoming and warming. It's also fun to come up with new Fall decor that you can make yourself. I know this is taking it back to the start of my blog, but projects like this DIY Skull and pumpkin topiaries are fun to do!

3. Halloween
 The candy, the costumes, the fun! Whether you choose your own costume or you make your own, something about dressing up is so fun. Last year I shared how to make your own Pumpkin decor.

4. Pumpkin everything
I get excited every year when the PSL comes out! Because that means fall is here! I also love finding all the best pumpkin recipes like Pumpkin muffins and pumpkin roll ups!

5. Thanksgiving
The food and hanging out with family are my two favorites about Thanksgiving. Being in a food coma for a few days is so worth it when you are hanging out with loved ones.

6. Black Friday
It's been tradition now to go shopping with my in-laws on Black Friday. It's actually pretty fun, browsing around the mall, finding some great deals, and going to lunch with them. It's something I look forward to every year.

7. Christmas
Who doesn't love Christmas. I love the decor, the baking, the gathering of friends and family and of course the gift giving. I shared some unique Christmas decor and I shared one of my favorite recipes that my mom and I bake together every year and is a fan favorite. SWD has some great gifts in our shop! And we can customize ANYTHING for you at no additional cost! SWD also has baby items! So head on over to check out our products!
8. New Years
The celebration and start of the New Year! Plus, many get engaged on New Years! (Plus I have an engagement box for those who get engaged and it would make a great gift!)