Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Future Bedroom

 As I am on vacation enjoying the FREEEEEEZing COLD in Nebraska- I set some posts up so your not too bored! haha

Well, our lease only has 7 more months to go.. then my fiance and I can get our OWN place and not have to deal with having roommates.  Joy!  So I am already envisioning what color themes I dream to have.


I love the symmetry in this one.  Looks like a Hotel Room
and I'm kind-of digging it.

and when We get a house, I am in need of my own makeup room/ closet

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What do you think?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas memories and vacation

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! I sure did! & it's still going! 
{ My Nebraska Vacation/New Years}

Me and my fiance went up to Northern California to visit with his parents and some family and friends.
We took a family bowling trip. So much fun to have everyone get together! Here are some of the family photo shoot photos haha! What a funny day! and let me tell ya. it was FREEZING. I am so not prepared for Nebraska tomorrow! It's a whoppin' 17º in Nebraska right now!  Snow
Are you kidding me!  I am a Southern California girl. I ain't used to anything under 65º.  I am going to die.
Anywho,  We took family photos and some engagement photos for fun!

 We were being goofs and pretended he was proposing!
We were such great actors { yea,.. right...}

My Hair was flying everywhere!

Aw the Brudders and daddio- in-law

We spent Christmas with my family in So Cal. It was nice to see some of my cousins and one of my Aunts & Uncles! It was so fun!

well, thats a wrap! I need to add the bowling photo later! & I just got a new Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera for Christmas! I cannot wait to start using it for my blog! One step at a time..! ah I die! I love it!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year! I won't be back to blog till after Jan 4! Much love to you all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Holiday gifts- on a budget!

Sorry I have been so busy lately, I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like to. Nor have I had any time for DIY Holiday projects yet, which I am super bummed about.  But I have put together a list of my favorite DIY projects that I would have tried if I had the time and energy to do so :

Here are my favorite DIY Holiday projects that would make great gifts for your girlfriends, your mom, other family members, or co-workers. They will love the homemade touch to the gift. Plus it will save you money!

Pop Tab Bracelet  -- so easy! Just use ribbon and the can tops!

Pop Tab bracelet

Glitter holiday candles with double sided tape Want to Make this candle?Find out how to HERE

DIY Painted mugs. So many ideas and variations you can do. I LOVE the monogram idea.

DIY Monogrammed Mugs... or ANYTHING. Just use Enamels Acrylic Paint & Bake! Love this!

DIY Hand Painted Chevron Mugs

Are these not amazing and adorbs ideas? Also, while at the mall last week I walked by Claires (or Icing-- one in the same!)-- and I saw these "Mustache Mugs" and was going to buy a few for a girlfriend for Christmas for a silly gift.  Come to find out they were $8.50 each!  Seriously? I can totally recreate this mustache madness on a mug for $2 max!  Hello 99 cent store and dollar tree white mugs! and hello Black or Brown ceramic paint!
Are these not hilarious?? I want one! I must resort to making one soon! After I saw them I was researching mustaches online, and come to find out someone had the same idea that I had-- I guess I'm not such a genious like I thought- sigh!


See how many funny photos you can have! haha I love it.
Check out Kandeeland blog for a DIY mustache mug

I am soooo totes doing this for my co-workers! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! I am going out of town before and after Christmas so I wont have much time to blog! Take care! xoxo

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Magic Castle Experience

I don't know if you have ever heard of the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  To sum it up the Magic Castle is a private, invite - only clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts, which is a very special organization devoted to the advancement of the ancient art of magic.  The purpose of The Academy is to encourage and promote public interest in the art of magic with particular emphasis on preserving its history as an art form, entertainment medium, and hobby. It is one of the best schools for magic in which you may attend.  We were lucky enough to receive a guess pass to visit the Magic Castle and see the shows.

My fiance and I went with a couple of our close friends. When we arrived at the Castle, the magic had begun and we had to say "open sesame" for the door to open.  We entered the first room which was one of the many bars.  To the left were rooms where the shows were and to the right were stairs to enter the dining room.  Because we had arrived so early, we decided to plan our while by viewing a few shows before dinner.  We were waiting on our bar drinks and one of the magicians was doing a card trick at one of the tables for us.

It was such an amazing experience and they included us in a few of the shows we saw.  My favorite part was being able to dress up.  They had a strict dress code -- guys HAD to wear suits with jackets and ties, and formal-wear for the ladies.

I am so glad I can cross this off my bucket list.  If you ever get the opportunity to attend this place, I would recommend it! It's definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that not many people get to see, because its only for members and invite only ( those who work there--) 

Hope you all have your Christmas shopping done! I finally have finished mine! Thank goodness!
But I would like to make a few inexpensive DIY projects for my girlfriends. & Of course I will post them !

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guy Approved Gifts for under $20

Ok, I almost died when I saw this gift. It's a two-in-one Remote Control AND Bottle Opener.  How perfect is this for your Guy or even Dad? A sports fans dream! How handy! You can get yours today for a whopping $12.99. I swear Brookstone needs to be invited to my wedding.
                                                                     haha. I kid!
Clicker  Bottle Opening Universal Remote
Alright, who doesn't love a good, easy bottle opener.  If the first one wasn't your favorite, you are sure to love this!  Easy to grip and twist. With a built in magnet to save the cap from flying across the room and smacking your buddy right in the face-- ok that's a little bit of an exaggeration.
$19.99 -- Works with both twist off bottles and regular bottles. no more ache-y hands!
Easy Open Bottle Opener 

And Yet another lovely gift for the couch potato-- especially while watching the "big game." I present to you, -- drum roll please -- 

The amazing, the wonderful

Remote control pillow! Whoo hoo! 
For only $14.98 This lovely little thing can be your mans favorite - and comfy - gift!
It's easy to use, easy to click, easy to clean ( surprisingly! )

Pillow Remote Control 

Alright, now what guy doesn;t love a good pocket tool . This is an 8-in-1 Multi-Tool.  It includes pliers, a bottle opener, Phillips and flat screwdrivers, knife, mini scissors, nail file and a flashlight. How amazing! & for only $15
  PLUS- if you buy now, you get one free! That's two for $15!-- $7.50 each! comes in red, silver, and blue!
8 in 1 Multi Tool

For the working business man-- Leather Business Card Cases. Comes in multiple colors. For $16.50.
Now your man can stay organized and keep those business cards in tact. 
Leather Business Card Case

What's your favorite gift for your man for  under $20? 

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This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift DIY

Who doesn't love a homemade gift, and how much better would you feel if you knew you had a few simple ingredients around your house to make the perfect DIY gift for everyone this Holiday Season.  That's right! Save money, and give the gift that your girlfriends are sure to love!

No need to suffer the stampede at the mall this season when you have exactly what you need at home to make a spa-worthy gift. You will need:

                                                1. White sugar
                                                2. Brown sugar 
                                                3. Olive oil 
                                                4. Vanilla
                                                5. Tubberware Container or Glass
                                                    Jar With Lid

Now I know you have these necessities for baking around your house during the Holidays!

Step 1
         Take all ingredients and mix them together
Step 2
         Package the scrub in a clean Tupperware container
Step 3
        Tie it up with a holiday bow

You can also switch it up and add some peppermint sugar, 

Here are some cute wrapping ideas I found for inspiration: 
Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub  
via google

xox Let me know if any of you make a sugar scrub this season!

-Lisa Nicole 

Sorry in advance for being a huge goof.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Jewelry Board-- in 8 simple steps

I can't believe its December already! I am so behind on my Christmas Shopping! Anyways, this is how I spent my Friday night with a friend. -- haha.-- totally old person status! Literally we started our project around 10 pm and didn't finish till 3 am! -- We also watched Bridesmaids while crafting!

Here's what you'll need
-wood board ( any size) -- cheaper at Home Depot-- cut it down to any size
-Mod Podge
- Lace Sheet or Other Fabric ( LAce works well because you can see through it)
-Paint ( Acrylic or Wood Paint)
- Ribbon
-Paint Brush
-Glitter- any color ( I used turquoise )
Glue- Glue Gun & Fabric Glue
-Sequins or Rhinestones ( or Pearls! )
-Sand Paper-- ( I used 150)
- Jewelry Hooks

This project costed me probably around $7 -- because I already had most of the items in my craft bin.

1. First begin by using your sand paper. Smooth out the entire front part of the board and the edges

Here is a photo of my girl Jewels board (left) and mine ( right)

2. Use your Acrylic ( or wood)  Paint, and start painting the front of your board

3. After you've painted the board, let dry for 5 minutes.
Then, use your Mod Podge & Glitter  ( I mixed them together first)  and Go over the paint using the same brush strokes.  Then sprinkle some extra glitter over the top.

4. Immediately after painting with your Mod Podge, Lay your Lace Sheet, or Fabric over the board and press down evenly.

5. Flip the board over and pull the edges of the fabric tightly and secure them by painting Mod Podge over the Lace onto the wood board.

Here is what it looked like after Completing Steps 1-5

I love how the glitter shows through the lace- GorGeoUs!

Let dry for about 10-15 minutes -- Me and my girlfriend went and bought dinner- and learned Biance's "Put A Ring on it Dance" -- we are so lame!

6. Begin laying your ribbon diagonally and secure with a glue gun on the reverse side of the wood board.

7. Repeat going the opposite diagonal side and secure with glue as well.  ( We did not glue the ribbon flat on the board-- we only glued them down on the back side of the board)

8. Then add rhinestones- using your fabric glue, and jewelry hooks ( We used the twist-screw- like hooks)

Then hang on your wall by securing a metal wall hanger to the back of your board!
Enjoy your new jewelry display and bragging rights!

What do you think? I had so much fun making my jewelry board with my gal pal!  We decided this needs to happen at LEAST once a month! & Don't you worry, we will post photos!  Hope you all have a lovely week!

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