Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

Congrats to the winner of the Mr. and Mrs. Wooden Wedding Sign: Bernadine!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday morning!  I am co-hosting with Bella from Dateless in Dallas for our Weekend Recap! 

Oh my gosh, so my friend last week sends me this e-mail.  I remember seeing something similar last year around my girlfriends wedding, but people are still doing it:
 Let's just say I promise you will NOT be seeing us do this. Ha!
But enjoy a little laugh this morning!

Last week I took in my dress for its final preparation!  What they do is press your dress to make it look absolutely perfect!  I will pick it up in a few weeks!

Friday evening I worked on some wedding planning. Can you believe our wedding is now only 12 days away!  Insane!  I already started packing for the wedding, getting things put together in boxes, organizing and whatnot.
  It was a very productive Friday for me!  I needed it!

Saturday was my girlfriends baby shower.  I spent the morning cleaning up and organizing my wedding planner so it didn't look like chaos, and then got ready for the day.  Her shower started around 2 pm and I arrived shortly after.  It was such a cute theme--Welcome to the Jungle.  So adorable.  This wasn't any ordinary shower.  It was co-ed so there was a keg of course and plenty of booze.  The best part- she had a taco guy.  Most amazing thing ever!  Always my favorite.  I am pretty sure I consumed about twenty tacos.  So bomb.  We ended up leaving around 10:30.. yea.. have you ever been to a baby shower and stayed over 8 hours? That's what happens when booze is involved.  We went home and crashed.

This was the best photo he took... yea.. whats with guys hating photos?

Sunday I ran some errands with my mom.  We found a guestbook pen and grabbed breakfast.  We also found out the people moved out of our home we just bought-- which means we can move in-- of course after we clean and check it out!  so excited!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

We Are Featured...

It's always so nice to be featured on a website.  As of today, we are featured on our photographers website, our coordinators blog, and I am 
featured on my best friends makeup website!   It's almost like we are famous! (I kid, I kid... only in my dreams of course)

I also stumbled across our engagement photos on Pinterest, and came to find out that our photos have been re-pinned so far 2,284 times!!! That's insane!!! I am so happy that many people love them as much as we do! 
Only 15 more days until I am a Mrs.!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Giveaway To One Lucky Bride

 In honor of us celebrating our upcoming wedding (July 12th!), I would love to introduce today Heidi's Etsy shop called HO JO Jewelry, which features the most adorable jewelry!  Not only does she make amazing jewelry, but it's also VERY affordable!  Lucky for you she has offered to giveaway an adorable flower girl bracelet to one of my lucky followers!

Take a look at what her shop has to offer:
(P.S. this is the bracelet she is giving away)

You can choose from so many different color pearls too! (Which is totally my favorite part, considering I am a crazy person when it comes to matching the exact color!) 
You can buy your entire wedding party bracelets and match on your big day!
Don't forget about the future mother-in law, grandma-in law, and of course your 
own amazing mother!  You can get gifts for everyone in this one stop shop!

She also has a wide selection of fashion jewelry, featuring owls, anchors, hearts, crosses, skulls, hello kitty- the list could go on and on! I know I am going to get the majority of my wedding gifts here plus totally going to shop for Christmas and Birthday gifts here too!

You can follow Heidi's Etsy Shop here, as well as her Twitter and Facebook.
This giveaway will run until July 16th!


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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shop The Look

Dress on the right pictured (Here
Similar (Here

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

Showered With Design

Hey all! Hope you had the most wonderful weekend! I co-hosting yet another weekend recap with the fabulous Bella from Dateless in Dallas.  I had a pretty eventful weekend for once.

Friday my fiance, myself, and one of his friends started our night downtown.  We ordered nachos and had a few beers until my girlfriend met up with us. We had too much fun! I had to leave my car in the parking structure until we sobered up- so we came at 5am to grab my car and head home!


Saturday I slept in till eleven.  It felt so good to sleep in for once!  I got my swim suit on to lay out.  I ended up falling asleep and getting slightly burned! That's what I get! (My sweet parents dog pictured) I ended up showering after a few hours to get ready for the night.  I went out with my girlfriends from high school.  We had too much fun getting the usual BJ's restaurant, and shop at a cute clothing store, and of course beers were in the mix!  We were pretty mellow and ended the night early. Which I needed since I was hungover.

Sunday I went with my mom to whole foods.  *Cue Whole Foods Song*  

We literally spent 2 hours in there, trying to figure out what we should get for dinner.  Ladies, do not- I repeat- do NOT go hungry!  Toughest decision we have had to make in a long time.  We finally decided on marinated kabobs, au gratin potatoes, and asparagus.  So delicious.  We also stopped by Trader Joes. Another fav!  My mom and I grabbed some lunch too and head home.  Later on we BBQ'd the Kabobs and have a few Coronas and watched a few movies that were on TV.  Another mellow day, but such a fabulous weekend.

How did you spend your weekend?

19 more days till the big day!! COUNTDOWN!

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Friday, June 20, 2014


**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.
I know you've heard me discuss ModCloth before, after all it's one of my favorite online shops!
ModCloth is celebrating a very exciting milestone this week -- the one-year anniversary of officially launching plus-size clothing on their site! In just one year, they’ve expanded their product catalog with more items that fit all body types. Check out the full-range fashion page in their Style Gallery, which showcases community-uploaded photos featuring ModCloth items that are available in a full size range. Why? Because fashion should be for all!

Fab dresses, shoes, accessories, & more just hit the sale section at 30% off, which is the perfect way to kick off summer.  Also, starting today all my readers can take 15% off everything in their novelty print fashion collection! The coupon code is SWEET and will only be available for a short time!


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wedding Giveaway- Carolyn's Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to look fabulous in the kitchen while cooking your man the perfect meal, without sacrificing getting your normal clothes all dirty?  I have been dying to get some cute aprons for the kitchen for years, and I was lucky enough to have received not one but TWO as gifts at my bridal shower.  I cannot wait to move into our new home and cook so I can wear them.  There is just something fabulous about an adorable apron, am I right or what?  Well today is your lucky day because one very lucky reader will have the chance to win this fabulous Navy Polka Dot Apron courtesy of Carolyn's Kitchen.


From aprons, to garters, to dish gloves to pot holders, Carolyn's Kitchen has got your bridal shower gifts all ready! Just imagine as that bride-to- be is opening her gifts and pulls an adorable apron with matching dish gloves.  Everyone is going to ohhh and ahhh at how cute and creative you were to think of giving her an adorable matching set.
Here is just a sample of what her shop has to offer:

Her items have been featured in Woman's World Magazine too!
I know there are a lot of bridal showers, birthdays, and weddings I am planning on attending this year. And these aprons would make the perfect gift!  Now if your chance to win your very own Carolyn's Vintage Apron.  Good luck!

You can follow Carolyn's Kitchen on
P.S. This Giveaway will run until July 1st!

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