Friday, June 28, 2013

30% Off Fourth Of July Sale!

INPINK is now offering a 30% off Fourth of July sale immediately.  I am so happy to say that all Showered With Design Readers are able to receive 30% off all fashion jewelry at by using promo code IPJUL42013.  
The sale is valid through July 4, 2013.

 They have the most gorgeous jewelry, and for 30% off how can you not buy something! I have a hard time limiting myself because I could totally go overboard over here!

Don't forget to Accessorize for Independence with INPINK's Fourth of July Sale - 30% OFF all fashion jewelry.  Use promo code IPJUL42013.

What are everyone's plans for Fourth of July?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wedding Planning: and What I Have Accomplished

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Wedding Season is upon us, and this year so far I have 4-5 weddings I am attending, one of which I am a bridesmaid! I have been helping one of my girlfriends make some things for her wedding coming this August.  It has been a stressful few months but once everything comes together it will be perfect!  Additionally, I have been piecing together bits and parts of my own wedding and have a few floral appointments this week! So excited to check things off my checklist!

Here are the centerpieces my gf made for her wedding.  Loving these manzanita trees! We bought the trees from LA for $10-12 per tree.  Since shes only using them every other table, she only needed 5 trees.  They turned out super cute! She spray painted and glittered them, added rhinestones on the bases, put rocks in the square and added candles! Super adorable and inexpensive considering these trees run up to $50 per tree if you get from a florist!  (P.S. if you are interested in buying them, let me know!)
Here are the DIY fans she made that also double as a wedding program! Super cute!

We have also made cute sandals for the guests to wear so they can dance!
 Ill upload more photos later!

On another note, semi-off topic, here is the dance floor vinyl
 I designed for my gfs wedding last year!

Oh yea, check out that dance-floor, center of attention! 
 I feel the need to have some bragging rights! Haha! Totally harmless!
Who doesn't love the dance floor?  That's the best part!!  
( Me pictured on the left- awkward angle!) 

And for what I have accomplished for my own wedding so far 
{ Praise the Lord }:

Untitled #34

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Style

Summer Style

Summer is officially here, and it's finally time to get into the swim suit style!  I am totally loving these fringe swim suit tops!  It draws the attention to your upper part and away from the stomach region.  Understanding your specific body type can help determine which bikini will look best on you!  Remember, you can always buy mismatching tops and bottoms  to create the perfect body shape and create illusions where necessary. 

I found the cute purple fringe bikini at Kohls for $19 as a set! It's hard to find swimsuits these days that are cute and affordable!  I always see them going for like $70 for just the top and $50 for the bottom! Outrageous!

What are your favorite bikini styles?

20% OFF All Shoes at Coupon Code:SHOES20. Ends On 05/27/2013.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wishing Tree Designs Review

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I have been swamped over here getting everything situated for my girlfriends wedding, including the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party and just the overall wedding.

The very first impression guests see is the invitation.  I wanted something fun, trendy yet simple and sophisticated. I was also on somewhat of a budget and spending more than $3 per invitation just for a Bridal Shower seemed absurd to me!

I went through Wishing Tree Design for the invitations.  I ordered 50 invitations at $0.99 per invite which should have totaled to  $49.95 + FREE shipping.
Instead, they gave me a $12 discount which means I only spent slightly over $37 for my invitations!  What an amazing deal! 
When I received my invitations within 2 business days I was more than pleased! Not only did they ship quickly, but they were made very well! I love how sturdy they were, and not to mention for the price!

Once I sent them to the guests, I received so many compliments on the invite design! Thanks Wishing Tree for making my friends Bridal Shower Invitations beautifully!

Let your dreams grow

(I'll post more photos of the invites when I upload from my camera!)
Now you can save on invitations!  Just use my link and you can enjoy 20% off + Free Shipping.  This offer can be used towards stationary, invitations, greeting cards, and so much more! 
 At checkout use code: SHOWERDESIGN
Hurry now! This code expires June 30, 2013

xox Lisa

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

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Did you hear about the woman in Florida who payed for every diners meal at a diner this past Sunday?  Talk about being generous.  I think everyone should make a goal in life to apply some act of kindness towards others.  It doesn't necessarily have to be "paying" for anything.  You can hand-make a good and gift it to a stranger you see on the street.  I have heard many times that in the drive through line at Taco Bell, the driver in front of them paid for the meal for the car behind them.  Although it is a simple act of kindness, it really hits heart when it happens to you.  I think we should all make a pledge to do this act of kindness more often.

It's good to know there are still good people in this world-- especially after all the horrible news lately.

A month ago I went to our mailroom and found a bag Full of non-perishable groceries with a note that said "Please take what you need. God Bless." 
I thought to myself, how nice of someone to share with those in our community. 
 So a few weeks ago I went through my closet and took out several items I no longer need and put them in a cute backpack with a note that said "Please take what you need, or give to goodwill."
Although it's something so simple, I'm sure someone out there appreciated the gesture just as I did.

Another story-- at the restaurant I worked at, we had this homeless man that would sit outside on the curb by the main road on a very cold day in February.  My manager walked outside and gave him some soup, bread and water.  He smiled and nodded his head.  Just the little things you can do can make you feel good inside and make someone else so thankful.

Here are some ideas to share some random acts of kindness around the world:

* Purchase 2 dozen roses and had the nurses give them away to the particularly lonely patients in the ICU
* Tape a wrapped popcorn bag to a Redbox

*  Put money towards someones gas at the pump.

* Leave coins at a car wash

* Giftcard to the homeless 

* Send a present to a soldier

* Hide a gift card in a book at the bookstore.
via Pinterest

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?  Help an elderly cross the street? Something so simple can turn someones life around. We are the future, and only WE can turn it around. I'd love to hear your stories!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning my closet! I am selling some items from my closet to make room for new items! IF you are  interested in purchasing please email me for more details.
I also have listed some of my items on ebay here.

Here are the current items I am listing:  ( I will have more as soon as I upload them!)

Juicy Couture Daydreamer Handbag

Original Price: over $175

Buy it for $25



                                               Preowned. Perfect Condition.
                                              Color: dark grey velour with black/grey leather trim
                                               Crown keychain
                                               Writing says: LIVE FOR Juicy ( sparkle pink, white, grey, black design)

BCBG Maxzaria Fitted Strapless Dress
Tags still attached

Original Price: over $200

Buy it for $20

Color: black on top, pink/red tone on bottom

Rhine-stoned Club/Party Dress- size M
Price tag still attached

Original Price:  $34.99

Buy it for $10

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I'm Loving Now... Home Design

What I'm Loving Now... Home Design

I have always been enthused with how creative one can get with the interior design of their homes.  I love how you can change a simple look by adding
 some texture or pattern.   Shown above are what I am loving now.  
Mostly home goods, and the occasional jewelry!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Father's Day Sentimental Gift Ideas

For those of you who don't know, Father's Day 2013 is June 16.

Let me introduce to you some Father's Day memorable and sentimental gift ideas from YORK Photo. Father's Day gifts have always been a struggle for me, because my dad buys what he wants when he wants it. So I have to dig deep down and really think of what he would appreciate.  My dad loves sentimental gifts, so what better way to show him I am thinking about him on a day that's designated for him!  You can get him a Father's Day Designer Poster and add photos of the two of you together for only $1.  Wait, did I hear that right? $1???

Yep, you heard me, for only $1 + $2.49 standard shipping, your total cost is $3.49. For those of you on a budget, you cannot go wrong.  Your daddio will love it, and plus, it's coming from the heart and he'll know you put time into it.  You also get 40 FREE prints by registering as a first time user.  40 FREE prints and a $1 poster?? It just keeps getting better!

Here's yet another great deal, $3.00 for a 5x7 Custom Softcover Photobook for dad.  Click my link and use code DADBOOK to receive 73% off and get it for $3 plus shipping and handling! Talk about a good deal!  Now you gotta hurry because these AMAZING deals end June 8, and Father's Day is June 16! Time is ahh--Wastin'!

Visit YORK PHOTO today and order your Father's Day gifts!  Heck, I might order some things for myself to hang in the house!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Now is the time to show your dad for Father's Day how much he means to you.  Show him you appreciate all that hard work he's done by showering him with love and some pretty awesome, inexpensive gifts. As you saw in my Father's Day Sentimental Gift Ideas for cheap post, I brought you ideas for photo gifts.  Now I bring you some additional ideas for dad.

What dad wouldn't enjoy an all-in-one pocket knife, tool set? 
Pretty awesome If I do say so myself.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Coozie
Dads  BBQ Coozie- $9.99

Smokin' Hot BBQ Cutting Board
And how adorable rad is this cutting board? This site has THE best ideas for gifts for dad.
My dad would love the personalized BBQ coozie to hold his favorite beverage. My personal favorite is the cutting board!
Does your dad love BBQing?  Then this personalized spatula would be freakin' awesome.
Smokin' Hot BBQ CoastersPocket KnifeCan CoolerSecret Message Wallet Bottle OpenerWallet Bottle Opener
What ideas do you have for gifts for Father's Day? I'd love to hear them!  
Do you have any plans for your dad?