Thursday, October 31, 2013

Simple Last Minute Halloween Costume

I must be the only one this year not dressing up for Halloween. I didn't even get excited that it was Halloween, or have anything planned for it.  I literally had no motivation for Halloween. I am so lame.
Maybe next year I'll be more into it, because I will be married next time around ...

(Crazy right?)

I mean, I've been super busy planning and making crafts for my wedding and bachelorette weekend so that has taken up most of my time (and $$$) 

Gosh, I sound like an old lady.  Also, the fiances birthday is this weekend,
 so I've been planning that too!  

Anyways, if you have any last minute plans for Halloween, here are some easy, creative ways so you don't show up and be the only one not dressed the part.
Grab a Tshirt, Leggings, or sweater, some acrylic or fabric paint, 
and make those shirts ya'll! 
 Simple Last Minute Halloween Costume

Friday, October 25, 2013

2014 Printable Calendar

I know 2013 is shortly coming to an end, and of course my calendar I have on my desk at work doesn't have any 2014 dates on it, so as I'm trying to make plans for future dates I am unable to see what day is what, so here is a great way to sport a whole year of 2014 all on one page in a cute fashion of course! I am going to hang it on my bulletin board by my desk!

Download your free printable 2014 calendar here.  4 colors/styles to choose from!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun With Customization!

Are you out of ideas for a great, unique, inexpensive personalized gift this year?  You can get your friends, family or colleagues this unique custom stamper kit from Wishing Tree Designs -- my absolute favorite sites for invitations and stationary.  Or get one for yourself!  You can get one for Holidays, such as Christmas-- Have it personalized with a cute Christmas Tree or a cute Owl.   IF you buy now, they are having a 50% off sale on all stamps, so you can get yours for only $19.98! Use code "AFFBESTSTAMP" at checkout!  It's such a cute way to address your letters or send off your invitations!  I love it! You not only need it for addresses, but you can use the stampers for Thank You cards, book stampers, Recipe cards, and monograms!
They have so many options to choose from!  Check out some of my favorites:
Spotted Pages
Enchantment Address
Heartfelt ThoughtsDotted BandDamask ReflectionsPretty PresentSnowflake GreetingsRibbon WreathShared Selections

 I love the Holiday ones! And the cute Kitchen stamper!  What are your favorites?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Have You Heard of ModCloth?

Have You Heard of ModCloth?  If you haven't, you definitely should check it out! I recently stumbled across the site when I was browsing for the perfect bridal shower dress, and I have never been so excited to see so many cute and unique options!  I always have the hardest time finding what I want when I am looking for it.  Sound familiar?

At first, I was a little hesitant, because I read that ModCloth was a vintage-inspired and indie clothing shop which also catered in accessories and decor.  Vintage generally isn't my forte, however, they have such a unique clothing line it was hard not to love!  Yes, some of the items were very vintage-inspired, but I found so many that looked like today's fashion with a twist.

You cannot tell me that these gorgeous dresses would  not be perfect for my bridal shower or a rehearsal dinner: 

When the Night Comes Dress in Petal by BB Dakota - Pink, Party, A-line, Sleeveless, Spring, Exclusives, Solid, Scallops, Scoop, Wedding, Cotton, Mid-length, Bridesmaid, Lace, Graduation, Pastel, Daytime Party
 Because You’re Brilliant Dress - Mid-length, Woven, White, Silver, Chevron, Cutout, Party, A-line, Sleeveless, Better, Cocktail, Holiday Party

Frill You Be Mine Dress - Short, White, Solid, Bows, Lace, Wedding, Daytime Party, Bride, Fit & Flare, Sleeveless, Better, Boat, Graduation, Party

Which one is your favorite?
I personally am in love with the first and last one! But they ALL are on the top of my list! 

Also, ModCloth now has new private label brands featuring Bea & Dot and Myrtlewood.  They have the absolute cutest and playful outfits, with the best vintage looks in mind.

Everything is super affordable and not overpriced!  Plus they offer FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more! Can't get better than that!
Seriously check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Engagement Makeup Gone Bad- My Experience

So I know everyone has at least one horrible experience in the midst of wedding planning.  Well here's one of mine:

I scheduled my makeup appointment in the city of Costa Mesa. I've had my makeup done professionally on a few occasions, by different makeup artists and loved how they did my makeup.  This place I went to had great reviews on yelp, and my coordinator suggested to try them.  My first impression when I walked in to the cute little studio was not exactly what I was expecting.  I wasn't greeted kindly, there were no smiles given, I felt so awkward.  Thank goodness one of my bridesmaids was with me.  First thing she told me was that I was early: umm my appointment time was 8 minutes away.. what in tarnation!  My bad for being 8 minutes earlier than I was supposed to.  Everything went downhill from there, the universe was not in my power.  I usually tend to go for airbrush makeup, however, she didn't use it (which I thought she would-- my bad for not asking ahead of time.)  So I just went with it.  She didn't really customize the makeup to me, she just did I guess what the basic makeup is for engagement shoots.  I thought it was odd. I started getting really uncomfortable.  
When she completed my makeup I looked in the mirror and I was horrified.  
My eyes looked like racoons they were so dark.. I looked like a prostitute/drag queen.. 
Thank goodness I had some spare time before my shoot to immediately fix this horrible makeup.  

I am so glad I had a trial before my actual wedding.  I 100% recommend getting a trial so you can avoid THIS:
Do not laugh!
Ok maybe a little.  I did, after this was all over.  Oh my gah, my face... was so blotchy.  My eyes, so dark.  Obviously I was furious as you can tell.    ::giggle::

Ok the next photo.... I look extremely scary.. BEWARE

Here is the photo she posted on her instagram.. BEWARE .. BEFORE AND AFTER

Look how blotchy the photo on the right is.. ohh myyyy goodness! Awful!  
Thank goodness my hair looked cute.

And if that didn't make matters worse.. it was raining at the time our shoot was supposed to be.  We had to use the studio instead and reschedule for the outdoor session.  
I told you the universe was unhappy with me..
Glad I got to share my horrible experience and provide you with a laugh!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Updates and Bethany Hamilton

So over this past week I had the opportunity to attend a conference, and one of  the keynote speakers was Bethany Hamilton.   If you don't already know, she is an American professional surfer and is known for surviving a shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off.  She was such an inspiration to never give up on your dreams, and that nothing is too small to overcome.  I was lucky enough to get a photo with her, and I showed her where the restroom was when she was lost! So that was pretty rad!   She was also just recently married and I was able to talk to her husband for a short while and help him find Bethany when she was in search of the ladies room. Here are some photos of the event from a great photographer! (Photographer: Paul Joyner)