Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY- not just for Halloween

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Ok, this is probably the most EASIEST DIY project ever.. seriously.
I got the idea from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design. Go check out her blog. She is such a creative person!

You don't have to be creative, or artistic in any way, and you certainly do not have to break the bank on this one .

I bring to you.. DIY spray-painted skull.

This beauty looks great in the living room, on the coffee table. Or even up next to your favorite photo. It is not ONLY a Halloween decoration, but looks great year round as well.

You can find these skulls for $1 at your local craft store. ESPECIALLY this time of year {Halloween}.. I bought mine at Michael's Crafts.
You will need:

-Styrofoam Skull,
-metalic gold spray paint

-gold glitter
-mod podge

- small paintbrush

 First, take the foam skull and spray paint it metallic gold. let it dry.

After it is dry, put some mod podge around it in some areas with a paintbrush, and sprinkle the gold glitter around it.

And let it dry, and you're done! No Joke! That's all it takes and you've got yourself not only a Halloween decoration, but can be used all year long! 

Stay tuned for another DIY that involves mod podge, glitter, and something you can wear everyday!

xoxox Lisa

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY Sea Urchin * Starburst

Ok, I have been seeing these amazing Sea Urchins all around me lately; in magazines, stores, and on TV & Movies.  I fell in love with them and searched online to buy one only to find out they cost over $100. Way out of my budget! So I decided I would tough it out and make my own! Today, I would like to show you a super easy and CHEAP DIY project which I absolutely loved the result!  & for less than $10 YOU can make one as well! For a while now I have been in love with gold decorations and these lovely beauties :
And they are inspired by Jonathan Adler's sculptures, and Kelly Wearstler which are running for over $2,000
and this DIY is only $10.
it's worth it I tell ya!

Here's what you will need :
-Styrofoam balls ( try for the smaller sizes. they usually run around $2-3  )
- gold metalic paint ( or try a different color if you'd like )
-wooden sticks ( I used two sizes - about 4 sticks)
-scissors to cut the wooden sticks
- mod podge ( to seal the deal )

 First I cut the wooden sticks and began to stick them into the styrofoam ( I also used glue to seal the wood into the styrofoam )

 Then I took the urchin and spray painted it. ( make sure to do this outside-- the paint fumes are toxic and you don't want to breathe them in)

Let dry, and you have an amazing new addition to your coffee table, night stand, or bookshelf! Get creative with it! Try different colors, or even add glitter or rhinestones! Let me know if you try this project, and I'd love to see your completed piece! 
Here is where I currently have mine:
I think I am going to add more sticks and make it more golden, maybe add some rhinestones to the end of the sticks. We'll see.  Ill post more photos when I complete it.
Stay tuned for the next project which involves some more gold paint... and a decoration not only good for Halloween, but year round!

Also, I noticed that the Curlby team and Hannah from Champagne Lifestyles on a Beer Budget had this DIY as well ;) Great minds think alike!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Chevron painting

Last week I was really eager to get my creative juices going.  I have been wanting to get back into painting again, but have been so busy with two jobs, and life just happens.  Anyways, I managed to MAKE time for myself so that I can paint. 

I am so in love with this saying right now -- "  There are Seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them."

That is so true. I took that to heart and MADE time to get what I wanted done.  & that was to Paint! I got the idea inspiration from the lovely Nancy Ramirez

Ok. Here are the supplies you will need :

- Artist Canvas/ Canvas Board   { I used the Winsor & Newton ones I found in my closet }
  any size will work.  They have 11 x 14,  10 x 10, 15 x 30 , and so many sizes, so Choose what size you like the best.

-Acrylic Paints.  I used the -Basics- brand because I already had like 100 colors from when I was using them in school.  You can use ANY colors you think you want in your home or office

-paintbrushes ( Large and small) 

-Water ( to dip brushes in )

-blue painters tape  ( this is the easiest to peel of your artist board

Optional items:

- paper towels, pencil, stencils

Ok, once you have all your supplies ready.. it's time to get started

1 )  Here I just started throwing colors on my canvas.. doesn't look too pretty yet.  Do not get discouraged!
Make sure your brushstrokes are going the same direction.

 Splash of color here.. Splash of color there
 And here is the result of colors.  Make Sure they are dry before applying tape.
Because I am using acrylics, the most time it will take is 20-30 minutes, and I put a fan 
by it to speed up the process.
2) I started applying the tape in a diagonal format, to create the CHEVRON pattern.

Make sure you press the tape on, so no paint goes underneath it.
3) THEN, I took my white acrylic paint and started painting on top of the color.

4) Let it dry completely, then peel the tape off and the result is:

Colorful isn't it? and so easy! EVEN if your not the artistic type.
This project is great for everyone!

After I made this one, I wanted to try a different pattern with the tape, and here is the end result :

Are you inspired to paint? Let me know if you have any similar DIY or ideas for your home.

xoxox Lisa

Friday, September 7, 2012

Showered With Nutritious Snacks

-Cucumbers with Lemon Juice-

Who knew something so simple would taste so great!  & Not only is it delicious, but its super healthy for you.  That's right! When you combine cucumbers with REAL lemon Juice, it actually works as a "fat burner" and helps supercharge your metabolism.  ( please don't use the artificial kind, it tastes yucky with it )

Cucumbers are also known to prevent bloating by acting as a "diuretic"
Foods with high water content actually  prevent water retention and bloating that can make it appear that you have a big belly.

Lemons increase metabolism, which generates heat in the body. As your body heats up, calories and fat dissolve. Plus, as you already know, lemons are highly acidic. Acidic foods aid in fat breakdown.  But don't eat too many acidic foods!
Here's what I make for a healthy, delicious snack:
1 Cucumber
2 lemons ( squeeze the juice over the cucumbers )
pinch of salt
- If you want to make it a little spicy, add a few drops of Tapatio or Cholula.

Cucumbers have great health benefits .Because of there high water content many benefits of cucumbers are physical, such as clear skin, reduction in under eye swelling and sunburn relief. But the water content in cucumbers is also responsible for helping rid your body of toxins that can make you sick.
so grab your cucumbers and lemons today and enjoy a tasty and HEALTHY snack!