Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy New Years Eve everyone! I cannot believe it's going to be 2014, the year I will marry my best friend.   That is so crazy to think about! All this planning and time has gone by so fast, our wedding day will be here before we know it!  My wonderful coordinator wrote a blog post about us and our engagement photos.  You can check it out here.

In honor of the New Year, New beginnings, and all the changes that come along with it, I have coordinated with Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination to bring to you our:

"Inspire Me 2014" Blog Challenge!

We totally understand that coming up with blog-worthy topics on a daily basis can be rough at times, so we created a list of topics that may spark some imagination!  We thought it would be a fun way to start off the New Year!

Really, who likes rules?  I mean they are great every once in a while, but we don't feel a need to have set rules to follow. Take these topics and run with them! We want you to enjoy blogging as much as we do without the added pressure of coming up with a topic! 
Heck, even make some new friends out of it!

Please take one of the buttons below if you'd like! Place it on your sidebar or in your post, do as you please! Otherwise, please link both our names in your post. {Showered With Design} & {Happiness Isn't a Destination}

We've left the weekends up to you. Topics have been set for weekdays only. We feel weekends should be spent relaxing and enjoying 
time with friends and family!
 (Or taking care o' business that you don't have time to do during the week)

Don't feel as if you have to make every single post this month. Please write about things you normally would, if you wish! If you want to skip a day, no big deal! Feel free to make it up on a weekend or not at all. 

Everyday we'll have a linkup section so you can link up your posts and visit other fellow bloggers.

The topics we have come up with are fun, serious and creative. Take them however you want. There isn't a right or wrong way to do them! Just start writing and see where your imagination takes you!
Thursday, January 2: Lets make the first day easy! What did you do for New Years? 

Friday ,January 3: We’ve seen everyone do it this week on Instagram and their blog…recap your favorite moments from 2013. Or post one random picture from each month of the year

Monday, January 6: What changes were made in 2013 to better yourself, or what changes will you make in 2014 to better yourself

Tuesday, January 7: When is your birthday?! We’d all like to send some wishes. 

Wednesday, January 8: It’s no secret we all ‘Paid it Forward” in 2013, what are some Random Acts of Kindness you’d like to accomplish this year? Heck! Make it into another challenge for yourself. 

Thursday, January 9: A list of top 5-10 things that make you happy. Be creative! Serious, funny, embarrassing. Spill some beans :) 

Friday January, 10:  “The Side of Me Nobody Knows” – write down 2 or 3 secrets that no one knows about. Mix it up and write two secrets and a lie and make your followers guess the lie!

Monday, January 13: Best advice for the New Year

Tuesday, January 14: Best Blogging tips & coding that could be beneficial

Wednesday, January 15: Write a letter to yourself and don’t open it until the end of the year. It’s fun to see the difference a year can make!

Thursday, January 16: I’m a New England girl and used to taking pictures of the beautiful snow but some of you don’t get to experience that. Take a photo of what your “winter wonderland” looks like.

Friday, January 17: What inspires your blog posts? Get a little deep and pick a past post that is meaningful to you.

Monday, January 20: Write about a struggle you overcame in 2013

Tuesday, January 21: Do you have any awesome vacations planned for the year? If not, where would be your ideal spot?

Wednesday, January 22: What are some personal goals you’d like to work on this year?

Thursday, January 23: Many new babies have been introduced into the blogging world in the last year. Tell us about one of the funniest moments you’ve had with them. 

Friday, January 24: Share some new trends/makeup/online shops you’ve found recently and include a few photos!

Monday, January 27: The littlest thing can set us off. Right about a pet peeve and try to get creative!

Tuesday, January 28: The worst gift you’ve ever received

Wednesday, January 29: Only photos

Thursday, January 30: Tell us something you always remind your husband/fiancĂ©/boyfriend about. For example “happy wife happy life.” Let’s face it, it’s fun to tease them!
Friday January 31: Last day of the month! Reflect on how 2014 has been so far.


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Showered With Design

Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

So as you may already know, I've been out of town since Dec 20th visiting my fiances parents before Christmas, then my family on Christmas and then his family came to visit us where we live after Christmas.  It's been a busy ten days!  So I am linking up with Dateless in Dallas for a weekend recap (or in my case week recap!) linkup!

December 20-24

On Christmas Eve my fiance and I took his little brother to breakfast before opening gifts.
 We celebrated Christmas Eve with the fiances parents, his two brothers, and grandparents before we headed back home.  It was so wonderful to spend time with everyone. We had a delicious turkey and ham dinner with fruit salad, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and delicious dinner rolls.  I received a dachshund necklace (so cute!), PJS, many gift cards, the pups got some new bowls, and toys, and we both received cooling pillows! 
Which by the way are amazing!

After dinner we started heading home to my parents house.  We stayed overnight so we could wake up early on Christmas.  I am so happy to spend time with all my family and loved ones! For Christmas I received an ipad, ipad case, Michael Kors watch, Michael Kors slippers, $1k.  My parents gave us 3 canvas prints of our engagement photos.  They turned out so beautifully and I can't wait to hang them up!


It was 81 degrees on Christmas day!

The day after Christmas, the fiances parents took us all to Dave and Busters for games and dinner!  Then , the day after my fiances little brother had a baseball camp and we went to watch his game after camp ended.  After the camp, his parents took us all to Knott's Berry Farm for some rides and fun!  We were so exhausted by the end of the day we passed out as soon as we got home!

Then on Sunday evening one of my best friends from High School got married to her best friend.  It was such a beautiful wedding and the weather couldn't have been better!

How did you spend your weekend? I'm linking up with Dateless in Dallas for a Weekend Recap!  The only rules are:

1. It must be about your weekend
2. Provide both of our links (
Showered With Design and Dateless in Dallas )
3. Include our button at the bottom of your post!


also Linking up with Life of Meg

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Guest Post - Party Decor & Dishes

Hi there! I’m Emily from over at Martinis & Bikinis and I'll be entertaining for the awesome Lisa today while she travels for the Holidays. Over on my blog, I talk about anything from shopping, traveling, party planning, cocktails and my daily adventures in the Sunshine State.
If there's one thing I love to do is throw a good party, and since
Christmas is finally upon on us, I thought I'd share some fun ideas for
festive decorations and dishes for the holidays.

Holiday party decorating ideas:

Snowman place setting

Candy cane name tags 

Candy & Hot Cocoa Table

Festive Holiday Appetizers:

Fruit Tree via this site

Snowman Cheese Ball from Betty Crocker

Chile and Cheese Spirals from this site

Festive Spinach & Red Pepper Dip made by yours truly ;-)

Rudolph Sugar Cookies

Candy Cane Dip from this site

Hope I didn't make you too hungry with all these festive and delicious food ideas!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays everyone!
- Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

Daily Boutique Deals

Monday, December 23, 2013

Guest Post - New Years Resolutions

Good Morning, Y'all! I'm Melissa and I blog over at Simply Sweet Melissa :) 

I'm so excited to be guest posting today for Lisa (who I deem to be the cutest thing ever) while she is away enjoying a much deserved holiday vacation! Because Christmas is only a few days away, I thought it would be a great idea to share a few of my New Year's Resolutions! Every year I tell myself that I will follow through with the resolutions that I come up with, but in all seriousness, I've never stuck with them. But this year will be different! This year, the boyfriend and I plan to come up with a list that we will combine and put up somewhere in our condo so that we can see see it everyday and be held accountable by each other. Some things on the list will be sentimental, others practical and personal. 
And I know coming up with New Year's Resolutions isn't for everyone, and it's certainly not mandatory to do, but it will be fun to see what all we can accomplish in 2014 if we can just stick.with.it! OH! And be sure to check out my blog on NYE for our complete list! Enjoy...

1. Join a Gym

2. Never go to sleep in a bad mood or without saying "I Love You" first.

3. Have quite time reading the Bible or some sort of devotional daily

4. Attend a Blog Conference of some sort
5. Cherish and appreciate the friendships I have

6. Go on more spontaneous dates with Will

7. Learn to cook and make dinner at least three times a week

8. Spend more time with both Will's family and mine

9. Read one new book each month

10. Prepare and enjoy all of the seasons leading up to becoming a Mackvick ;)

Thank you so much Melissa for guest posting while I am away! I'll be back in town later this evening, but will be way to tired to write or even think about posting! haha! Plus Christmas is tomorrow! Enjoy your time with family and friends! xoxo 

Oh! And Don't forget to write about your Weekend Recap here.

Daily Boutique Deals

Sunday, December 22, 2013

200 Days Till Our Wedding & Weekend Recap

Today marks 200 days until we get married.  When we started we had 618 days to countdown.  That is seriously so insane to think about.  Luckily we really got the ball rolling on planning and are pretty much done.  All we have left are a few minor details really.
This is what we have checked off the list so far:

✔ Coordinator
✔ Dress ordered ( I received Nov 9!!) just need to try on and take for alterations
✔ Venue
✔ Flowers
✔ Registered
✔ Ring bearer pillow / flower basket  (Etsy)
✔ sand ceremony set
✔ Hair stylist
✔ Officiant
✔ Honeymoon booked  (need flight)
✔ Photographer / engagement photos
✔ Invitations (ordered !)
✔ DJ / lighting
✔ Photobooth
✔ Guestlist finalization
✔ Bachelorette booked
✔ Ordered Save the Dates and Sent out (Dec 3rd)
Bridesmaids need to get dresses altered.
Ordered veil, need to pick up (This week!)

Still need:
❑ order/send invitations (may/june)
❑ cake taste
❑ Dress alterations
❑ Jewelry / shoes
❑ Look for wedding bands
❑ Flight for Honeymoon

❑ Groomsman attire
❑ Flower girl attire/ring bearer
❑ Garter
❑ Menu Tasting (heck yes!!) (March)
❑ find Makeup artist (already had bad experience with one)
❑ need to make gifts for bridesmaids/groomsman
❑ Wedding license (May/June)
❑ plan Rehearsal/ dinner
Finish card box

Phew!  So many things, but now it's just the final details! I couldn't be happier! 
Wedding planning sure is fun, but man it stresses me out at times!
 I'm just trying to enjoy it and cherish the moment!

This weekend was spent at my fiance's parents up North.  They live about five hours away from us.  I'll go more in depth when I return home (I'm still here till the 24th!)  
It is so much colder here than by us, although it is California and I bet a lot of you with snow are rolling your eyes at me.  I'm sorry! I don't do well in the cold! I've never really been around it!  40 degrees is cold enough for me!  Gosh I am such a wuss!  
Anyways, I'm linking up with Dateless in Dallas for  a Weekend Recap!  
Would love for you to share your weekend stories!

Only a few rules pretty please:
1. It must be about your weekend
2. Provide both of our links ( Dateless in Dallas & Showered With Design)
3. Include our button under your post!

Weekend Recap

P.S. Hope you all have a great Holiday!