Monday, September 30, 2013

Call Me A Stalker

Hello lovelies! So I have literally been a creep on pinterest lately stalking pretty hairdos for the wedding.  Hey, it's never TOO early to start getting ideas!  Plus, I just asked my hairstylist of ten years to do my hair for the wedding, she said YES!  So of course we've been discussing ideas and possibilities! I'll give you a itsy bitsy hint about my wedding dress ( which just came in btw.. ah so excited to try it on!) ... it's a sweetheart dress..  that's all I'm going to give you!  ::insert evil laugh::

Anywho.. The back of my dress has lots of gorgeous details, and my hair is super duper long right now & I'll be adding extensions, so to get to the point..  I don't wan't to hide the beautiful detail on the back of my dress.. BUT I also want some of my hair to be down because that's what I think I look best with... Here are some of my PINspirations:

Untitled #45
Loving the loose braids, the curls, and of course the BLING!

And of course, my favorite country singer : Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Half Up Half Down Hairstyles with Curls 

I swear I have never seen this girl with bad hair!  It always looks perfect.
Plus it helps that she is absolutely gorgeous!  Must be nice...  

What do you think of the hairdo's?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated of course!

Monday, September 23, 2013

So Professional

Remember back in the beginning of August when one of my besties married her man, here? Well, she finally got her photos back from the photographer, Sposto Photo, and here are some of them:

 Bridal Party Gals
 Funny faces as the bride and groom kiss.

The reception entrance


 I promise I was giving the groom that cash in my hand, this is right before the
 money dance, and I was about to twerk with the groom, as you can see my fellow bridesmaid is shaking her finger at me. haha!

I was SO determined to catch that bouquet!  
And of course I did!!


Photo with the bouquet toss and garter winners! BOOM!

 LOVE How the photos turned out and I cannot wait till she gets her 
videography video from Taylor.

Till next time,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Investement Pieces

I believe a strong foundation of investment pieces in any wardrobe is worth the price.  I try to purchase items I can mix and match with any outfit to make each one unique. I have listed my top 5:

1. Blazer
2. Black Heels, Black Flats
3. Boots
4. White T-shirt or Button down blouse
5. Jeans




Blazer: A blazer is the best way to add a polished, structured look to any outfit.  It can easily be worn to work with a pencil skirt.  It can also be worn to go out with friends or a date night with a nice pair of jeans.

Black Flats/Heels: You can match up any outfit by adding those hot black   heels in the mix.  Black heels and flats go with any outfit.  They are both work and party appropriate; you cannot go wrong!

Boots: Boots can be worn with any outfit, from dresses, skirts, to jeans.  They are made to last (if you splurge), and spending that extra $$ can save you alot in your future by not having to buy another for a long while!  Neutral colors are the best route, I personally wear my black or brown ones the most!

White T-shirt or Button down: This is an absolute wardrobe must-have! A white button-down can go to the office under a suit, or an untucked version can come out to play for that happy hour after work! Always a classic, never out of style.

Jeans: A great pair of jeans can do wonders for any gals wardrobe and trust me, it’s worth paying that extra penny for something flattering that will last you for years to come.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Current Obsession

My Current Obsession

My Current Obsession: The Kate Spade 2 park avenue beau bag.

Why I love it: 
  • The bow is a pocket
  • I love the pops of color
  • Zip pockets inside to easily organize
  • Extra roomy inside to store everything you need!
It's not too early to start my Christmas list, right? 

Friday, September 6, 2013

ModCloth Pinterest Party!

School’s back in session and football season is finally here! You know what that means – Homecoming’s coming in hot!

To celebrate this time-honored scholastic holiday, ModCloth is hosting a Party Dress Pinning Party on Pinterest! Enter by 9/12 to win one of two $250 ModCloth gift certificates. How do you enter? Find out more on the ModCloth blog:

Most importantly, spend some quality time perusing the ModCloth homecoming dress section to find the dress of your dreams! Check them all out here: ModCloth Homecoming Dresses

ModCloth Party Dress Pinning Party