Thursday, November 20, 2014

Uber vs. Taxi

I'm sure most of you have used a taxi service at least once in your lifetime.   For most, it seems like the convenient thing to do.  I started using Uber about a year ago and always enjoyed the services, yet wasn't quite sure how to compare it to a taxi in terms of pricing.  What I realized this past weekend is how much more inexpensive Uber was versus a Taxi.

We took an Uber from our home to downtown by the beach which is about a 29 mile drive.
It ended up being $41, and we were able to split it amongst the 4 of us.
That included tip!  It was so easy --you get in, you get out, all without the hassle of dealing with the payment once you arrive at your destination.  It automatically does it for you.

On the way home, we just hopped in the nearest taxi thinking it would be the same, give or take a few bucks.  It ended up costing $98, and mind you, that is WITHOUT a tip.  Not to mention the taxi driver was a complete douche bag. (He wouldn't allow us to split the fare, but lied to us about it and charged the first persons card the full amount all while adding in his own tip)

Needless to say, UBER has won me over.  There are so many other great bonuses about uber. Such as, tracking where your driver is located and getting his ETA,  rating your driver, splitting the fare between your friends with a simple tap of a button, AND getting $30 off your first ride using this code: m29g4

It's a win-win! Who doesn't want to try a free ride, what do you have to lose?

Download uber NOW on your smart phone or tablet, and use the code (m29g4) under the promotions tab to make sure you get your $30 off, and when you need it on a night out it'll be ready and waiting for you!

*I was not asked by Uber to write this, or compensated.  This is straight up my 100% opinion based on my personal experience using the service.



  1. Uber is great! Their prices are so much better, and it's pretty convenient. The only time I might not Uber is if I was alone. I'd feel a little bit safer with a taxi cab driver for some reason.

  2. I just heard about Uber recently and it sounds like it's something worth checking out next time I need a taxi. I've heard that they drastically increase their prices on popular days though (events, new years, etc).

  3. Des Moines just got Uber like...yesterday...and I am SO excited to try it out! Thanks for the tip, little lady!!

  4. I recently just had my first Uber experience and I loved it. It was a low $25, I knew who the driver was, it was quick and much cleaner than a typical cab!

  5. I am totally with you on uber! I had used it a lot when I was in California but not so much in Raleigh.Well I used it for the first time while going out in Raleigh and it was great! We had always not wanted to go out downtown because taxis were so expensive but we made it to downtown (about 20 miles) in just a $30 cab fare. It was amazing!

  6. I love Uber! It is so much cheaper than a taxi. Except one time we were in downtown Nashville on a Saturday night and it was a higher volume of calls for drivers. To get your uber quicker you add in an addition price you're willing to pay. I thought I was putting gin 4 extra dollars, but instead I put in I would pay FOUR TIMES the normal fair. No wonder that guy was there lightning fast!


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