Friday, March 27, 2015

Royal Design Studio Review

Royal Design Studio contacted me to test out one of there fabulous stencils.  Heck-friggen-YES I am interested!  I have always been a lover of stencils and when I was contacted I couldn't have been more excited!  Since I recently started my Etsy business in October of 2014, I needed a safe keeping for my supplies! (That and I really needed to start organizing my life!)  I am so excited to share with you my project that I am so proud of!  I chose to refurbish my original nightstand and transform it into a cute workstation that matched the theme colors of my office:: Tiffany Blue.

I chose the Small Tangier Lattice Stencil from the Moroccan Stencils Collection.    I have been obsessed with Moroccan designs for the past year and the Tangier Lattice Stencil was the perfect fit for my office!  I chose Tiffany blue paint for my nightstand and white for the stencil design overlay.

My nightstand was originally my grandparents and my parents had it repainted about 10 years ago.  Over time, the paint on my nightstand started to get funky as I placed beverage glasses on it over the years, so it was time for an updated look!  We had to place a lot of our belongings in storage last year and these little rusty looking circles developed on top of the nightstand.  Gross right?  Let's just say.. it was time.


I started by sanding down the top layer of the nightstand and worked my way to the front and sides.  It took me a good hour or so to sand it to where I wanted it to.  Then I smoothed out the top so the paint would go on even.   (I purchased my paint from Home Depot, and they mixed up the color I wanted and were very helpful on how much paint I needed.  I probably only spent about $6 on paint and they mixed the primer right in with the paint.) 


After sanding it all down, I started applying a primer.  (I used the spray kind-- it was so easy! AND it dried within minutes!)


Once the primer dried, I began painting the Tiffany Blue color onto my nightstand.  Simple as that.  I used the same brushstrokes throughout the whole nightstand.  It only took a few hours to dry and then I did one more layer of paint to make sure it was perfect. (Looks better already doesn't it?)

I let the paint dry overnight to make sure it was completely dry before using my Small Tangier Lattice Stencil. I got my white wood paint and taped my stencil down where I wanted it to lay.  I started by dabbing the white paint within the holes of the stencil and slowly worked my way from one side to the other.  I made sure to paint two layers of white while my stencil was still taped down.   
(Side note- I spray painted a glass prior to this project so that's why the stencil is black!

Once it was dry, it was ready for me to put it to use in my home office!  I love how it turned out! It makes the perfect addition to my office and is a constant reminder of happiness! (Since I did this project all by myself!)

I lined the inner drawer with a cabinet liner (found in the kitchen section at Bed Bath and Beyond).

The stencil was so easy to use and made my dresser beautiful and unique!  It looks so cute in my office amongst the matching magnet board and cork board!  Plus it fits most of my crafts for my Etsy shop.  (Make sure to stop by sometime and follow my Etsy account on Instagram.)

In the meantime, make sure to check out Royal Design Studios Flickr page. It contains inspiration and project ideas. (The inspiration makes me want to do another project!)
You can also check out How to Stencil tutorials and information on the Royal Design Studio site!


  1. I love the color! Tiffany Blue has become a favorite over here! I love the stencil, it added just the touch to the table.

  2. I love the color you chose! :) It looks great! I love finding hidden treasures like this :) The stencil definitely helped give it a pop!

  3. So obsessed with that color lately. Beautiful work!

  4. Love it! A bright piece of furniture always lightens up a room!

  5. I love the detail! This added a really nice touch to this piece!
    Mikayla |

  6. I am drooling over this piece! I am not a DIY person when it comes to furniture but it appears you've got one heck of a talent for it! I love the stencil design as well! Makes the piece very unique! ---

  7. I love this! The color is beautiful. You've inspired me!!


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