Friday, July 10, 2015

Five On Friday

Holy Guacamole! It's finally Friday. I seriously think we should always get a three day weekend and have Mondays off on a regular basis. What's up with this work 5 days and only get 2 days off deal?  So NOT cool.  Anyways, it's officially Friday and I am linking up for my Five on Friday!  Can I get a Whoop-Whoop! 

We are leaving for Vegas today to celebrate our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it's been a year? That went by way too fast for my liking! I wish I could go back to the whole day. It was truly magical. Everything about it.

Not only are we going to Vegas this weekend but we are traveling in style.  We get to take his friends Porsche Panamera on the way! It is so fun to drive! I cannot wait!

I am still over the moon that our engagement photos have gotten over 2k repins on Pinterest!  Mini Pinterest celebrity?  Ha! Totally kidding! (In my wildest dreams!)

 Gifts.  I have been eying Tiffany sunglasses for quite some time now, and my sweet husband gifted me these beauties this week. I am excited to sport them in Vegas!

Also, I have been in dying need to work on my blog makeover/ clean up. And I am currently working on new posts! Since I have really sucked at posting on here lately.  Sorry for being a Debbie-downer! Life just happens, ya know? I promise I will get back into it, and post more wedding/life related topics! And hopefully eventually babies.. Haha we'll see.

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  1. Happy anniversary! I hope you guys have a great trip!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Have a great trip to Vegas :)

  3. Happy anniversary! Have fun in Vegas!
    Those sunglasses are so cute! Good job, hubby! Also, I was ecstatic to see one of my pins get re-pinned like 70 times so I can only imagine how exciting it is to get that many re-pins!

  4. Happy anniversary! Enjoy!!! And what a keeper you have - new shades for your tip... PERFECT :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Have fun in Vegas!

  6. your wedding pictures and engagement pictures are just gorgeous! happy anniversary.


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