Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Recap

Hoping everyone had a blessed Christmas! It's always so difficult getting back in the swing of things after some time off from work and celebrating the Holidays.

 I ended up taking the Friday before Christmas off work to catch up on some last minute orders that were placed. I worked for about 4 hours completing all that needed to be done, and wrapping some Christmas presents too! Then of course my hubby wanted to do some last minute shopping. I thought he was crazy for wanting to go to the mall a few days before Christmas. But sure enough he surprised me with a new Iphone 7Plus which I have been needing to upgrade my phone since I use it a ton for my business. So if anyone is needing an inexpensive Iphone 5C, I have one for sale now :) - In great condition
So once we braved the mall (Which surprisingly wasn't all that busy- we headed home to clean up and my hubby had to go into work).

The next morning we went over to my parents so I could help my mom prepare the appetizers and get a head start on prepping food. Once we finished that, we decided to brave the mall yet again, because we had some last minute gifts we forgot we needed! (We certainly were not prepared this year!) Luckily it wasn't too bad at the mall and we weren't there for very long. We came back home to freshen up and went to dinner at my favorite Japanese Steakhouse - Bari Bari. We had too much fun and my mom ended up taking home the leftover Saki we ordered. 

After dinner we took a family walk (including the pups!) around the lake to look at lights. Once we got back, we of course had to take a few photos by the tree. We got silly and did a "prom pose" haha. (They got a little blurry towards the end of the night). We watched a few Christmas movies and fell asleep to them shortly after.

On Christmas morning we woke up early to begin opening presents. We always gift some cute new toys for the pups and I always put the bows from the presents on them. They don't seem to mind, but it makes for a great photo!

I also love my new lipsense from Dressing Dallas- Loving my new colors! You can shop for yours here. I can honestly say I am hooked! It doesn't come off when you drink your favorite beverages so you won't leave any marks on your cups! I love that! It's my new favorite obsession and I need to get more colors!

My hubby ran out to the grocery store and brought me back some Starbucks. That was such a lovely surprise as I'm sure it was super busy on Christmas.

My aunt and cousins came over mid afternoon and we played some board games (Yahtzee) and attempted to put a 1000 piece puzzle together. We didn't get close to finishing but we did get the border completed thank goodness! I used my "There's a chance this is Wine" cup throughout the day and received many compliments on it. 

How was your Christmas? What are some Christmas traditions you do with your loved ones?



  1. Looks like a beautiful christmas! OMG those pups....

  2. I Love your blogs Lisa. I got a new Laptop for Christmas so I am hoping to blog more. Hope all is well.


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