Friday, July 7, 2017

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

With my Baby Shower fast approaching, I've realized I still need to find the perfect outfit!
Since it will be in the hot part of summer, I want to make sure it's comfortable and cool.  I love the long Maxi dresses and skirts but since the weather is supposed to be so warm, I'm sure I would be more comfortable in a shorter dress. I am really into the lacey dresses and also florals. (And Pink of course since she is a girl!)

1. Harhay Women's Sleeveless Lace

2. Hello Miz Lace

   3. Hello Miz Floral

I love how the first one is sleeveless, and can also be worn after baby girl arrives. It's loose enough where I'd still feel comfortable wearing it, whereas the others I may be a little self conscious with them being more form fitting.

Summer Dress

These aren't necessarily maternity dresses, but they would totally work! I love the summer fruity dresses! How fun are they?

Flirty Florals

 The above are not necessarily for the Baby Shower, but they could totally work! I love the stripes! Found on (My favorite!)

I've also been obsessing over everything on Pink Blush Maternity. I remember coming across them before I got pregnant, and thinking "Wow! These are super cute for Maternity clothes!" So I knew I had to save them for future reference. I have a hard time deciding which are my favorites, it's hard to pick just one!

One / Two / Three / Four
One / Two / Three

As you can tell, I am leaning more towards florals than lace. Since I wore a lacey dress for the Gender Reveal party, I think I want more of a floral one for this occasion! Classy, Comfy and Cute! But Pink Blush also has some beautiful floral dresses too!

I think I am also wanting to have pink in the dress, since the Baby Shower colors are Pink, Gold, and Grey. Once that's picked out, next step is finding shoes! Any suggestions?

Also I just found out Pink Blush has 15% off Sitewide, use code SUMMERDEAL at checkout.

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  1. These are very cute. My shower had a unique theme (Ninja Turtles) so I wore something entirely different haha. But if we have another one, I'd probably do a Breakfast at Tiffany's one (which was the runner up in favorite themes).

  2. So many pretties! I vote for a shorter dress that can be worn again after lil' miss arrives <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. I love all of these, BUT I'm most partial to the stripes! They're so classic, and the long vertical stripes are so flattering. Love!


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