Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bump Style Fashion

Being pregnant is a whole different ballgame when it comes to fashion. Things just don't fit like they used to.  I know redoing my wardrobe while pregnant isn't the best idea, but I can't help myself by adding items that I can use after the baby too. Plus, I want to be comfortable enough to do what are now more "difficult tasks," such as bending over to tie my shoes, shaving my legs, and painting my toe nails. Of course finding the right fashion at an affordable cost is somewhat difficult. There's those hideous old school maternity clothes that just don't cut it. (and I would never be caught dead in) And then there's the super cute options that are just outrageously priced. I just can't get myself to buy something that expensive when I'm not sure how I will fit into it after baby. (Especially jeans)  I found that dresses are a safe option and can be worn while pregnant as well as after baby girl makes her debut.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites and must haves I've found so far that don't break the bank:

1. This beautiful floral baby doll is flattering for every body type. Plus they come in different colors for your liking.
2. This pretty navy floral from Beachcoco is one of my favorites! It's flowy and airy enough in the summer months, but you can also throw a cute cardigan over it and dress it up or down.
Beachcoco on Amazon
 3. These stripes make the perfect casual outfit for day and night. Pair it with some flats or some cute tennis shoes and you are set for the day!

4. I've been really into form fitting dresses this pregnancy. I haven't felt like I could wear them (or feel confident enough in them) until I became pregnant. I love the idea of showing off the bump rather than covering it up. I mean, you're only pregnant about 9 months so might as well take advantage of the opportunity! Right?

Motherhood Maternity

5.  Kimonos are a lifesaver when pregnant. When you just don't have the energy to muster up an outfit, just throwing a kimono over a simple shirt is the easiest grab and go option! Especially in the third trimester when your energy starts to dwindle. I can't tell you how many times I just try to find something quick and easy to throw on for the day to run errands or meet up with a friend. Kimonos make it appear as if you've got it together and the best part is you don't need a lot of effort to achieve that look!
Pink Blush

Pink Blush

 6.  Sweaters and Cardigans- another versatile and needed closet piece. Perfect for every body type. Sweaters and Cardigans are flattering and simple. They can dress up any outfit.

Pink Blush
Pink Blush

 6.  Loose blouses are always a good idea. When you are just wanting something comfortable that doesn't hug your body. In my case, when I want to eat more without feeling self conscious or that I need to "suck it in." (Luckily I haven't had to do that for a while!) But I am also loving this pretty piece, because I can still wear it after baby, when I'm just not ready to show off my body yet.

Amazon- Ruffle Floral Blouse
Also loving this simple flowy top that can be worn with literally anything! You can throw a cardigan over it, or leave as is. It's simple, but still equally as beautiful.
Pink Blush
7. On those days where you need to dress it up, but shaving your legs just isn't happening.
Trust me, I get it. The struggle to bend over to even reach your legs is one thing, and then you have to balance to shave? Not happening. That's where this pretty long dress comes in handy. Plus it doubles as a nursing dress, which is a huge bonus in my book. If it makes my life easier, I am so in!

Pink Blush

8.  Last but not least, shoes. I have been keeping it super simple this pregnancy by sticking with shoes that are easy for me to get on myself, without having to ask hubby to help me. (Which yes, has happened more times than I can count). 
I have been living in sandals and slip ons, but I do love a fancier shoe when we go out to dinner. These are the most comfortable shoes I think I have ever owned. They are cute, fashionable, inexpensive and they don;t even feel like you're walking in heels. (Which can be scary when pregnant with the risk of falling or tripping).  They also come in black, and I really think I need to get them in that color too! PLUS, now they are 50% off, and I wish I got them for that good of a deal when I bought them!

Nordstrom - now $29.96!

As you can tell, I am totally crushing on the florals lately.  Florals are just so fresh and feminine. If you saw my Baby Shower post, then you know I chose a floral dress to wear. Something about it just makes me smile! Plus it was super comfortable especially in the hot summer months. Not only do I love revamping my closet, but I also love sprucing up the house with fresh flowers.  A beautifully selected floral arrangement of a dozen roses in different colors complimented with a pretty vase is guaranteed to make anyone feel fantastic. My favorite color is the mauve roses from Roses Only. It would be the perfect compliment to any room decor and freshen up the space.

What are some of your favorite wardrobe staples?

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  1. Oh yes, I loved kimonos in pregnancy and I'm completely obsessed with them still even though my youngest is over a year old, haha!

    Maternity dressing can be so tricky (it's why I wrote my ebook!) but once you find something that works for you, stock up on it! and florals are always cute so you can't go wrong, don't feel so bad about liking so many floral pieces! :)

    Hope you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. These are such lovely picks!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris


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  4. Kimonos and cardigans are so good for layering! I love that you're into wearing bodycon dresses- show off that bump, girlfriend!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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