Monday, November 20, 2017

Must-Haves for First Time Moms

Before becoming a mom, I really didn't know what I needed. I had friends who were super helpful and gave me suggestions, but I never truly understood what I would actually need and use. It can be extremely overwhelming until you actually have your baby and begin to understand and know what works and what you will actually need. I've compiled my list of must-haves for First-time mommies that I've found to be the most helpful.

Boppy ] (or Brest Friend) - I've only tried the Boppy but it has been the BEST and one of the most-used items. I have used it to not only breastfeed, but my husband has even used it to hold our baby girl. I also use it to prop her up and for tummy time.  I love how it has so many uses! I've brought it on vacations with us too because I love it so much and has been a real lifesaver to help hold baby up! (Who knew they could be so heavy?!) I have gotten SO much use out of our Boppy and have nothing but good things to say about it.

I personally have not tried the "brest friend," and it looks great for solely breastfeeding. However, I liked that there's multiple uses for the Boppy, whereas the Brest Friend only has one use.

[ Dr. Browns Bottles ] I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but also wanted to pump which means I would need the perfect bottles to feed little miss. However, with so many bottles out there, how was I to know what to choose from? It's super overwhelming and no matter how many baby shows I went to, nothing would prepare me for what was to come. My BFF recommended Dr. Browns bottles because they help minimize air while the baby eats which minimizes gas. No one wants a fussy, uncomfortable baby. Yes babies all will have gas, but if I could minimize their discomfort, I will. These have been a lifesaver for us. (Plus they come in pink!) These bottles also help so she doesn't drink so fast. I noticed with other babies, they end up drinking out of different bottles too fast and end up throwing it up or choking often while eating.

And, if you plan on feeding or supplementing your little one with formula, I suggest getting these bottle caps so you can shake up your formula + water mixture. (The Dr. Brown bottle sets don't come with them.) They are also great to be used to store your breastmilk in your Dr. Browns bottles in the fridge.

And If you use bottles, I have found this Munchkin bottle brush with nipple brush to be my favorite because of it's nipple brush. It works a lot better than any of the others I've tried and cleans it really good.

[ Boon Lawn Drying Rack & Accessories ] I knew I wanted a separated drying rack for my baby items. Including bottles, bottle parts, nipples, pacifiers, etc. I didn't want to mix all my babies items with our regular pots and pans and this has been the best drying rack! It allows your bottles to completely dry and air out with the fake grass feature whereas if you were to set them upside down on a flat surface they wouldn't completely air out. I didn't realize the real need for the twig and flower accessories until I used them to air and stack the bottle caps, nipples and pacifiers.
[ Baby Swaddle- Halo Sleep Sack ] I notice when I swaddle my baby at bedtime, that she is more content and sleeps better through the night. But nothing is more frustrating than her little arms breaking free (no matter how tight I try to wrap her.) I also got nervous that she would suffocate if she kept breaking free from her swaddle blanket and it would cover her face. Since using the sleep sack, I have had peace of mind. {They also double as her pajamas. Win-Win! With one less step!)

[ Baby Swing/Rocker ] I do not have a specific brand recommendation for this one. Honestly pretty much any battery operated swing will be a lifesaver! I use the Graco Everyday Soother and love it! I can't tell you how many times she's dozed off, and I needed to finish dishes and have set her in her swing for an hour or so before her next feeding. To be able to get something done around the house or just to be able to get some things done provides some stress relief-- And she loves it too! I also love that it doubles as a removable rocker for use throughout our home. (I bring it upstairs when I need to get some of my Etsy orders done!)

[ Carseat/Stroller Combo ] Okay, pretty much everyone with a baby on the way needs a carseat.. I know that's an obvious one, but I can tell you what I didn't think about. An infant car seat and stroller combo. (Luckily Ellen Degeneres did that research for us!) It would be a chore to wake a sleeping baby overtime you wanted to take her out of her carseat to her stroller, then back out of the stroller to her carseat. So having a carseat that hooks and attached directly onto your stroller will seriously be a game changer. I don't have any direct recommendations as we were gifted one so I didn't have to research which brand I would like best. So definitely get out there and see them in the stores, see what works best for you and your budget (or add to your baby registry!) Some strollers are easier to use than others so you will want to see what you like best!

I also recommend getting a lightweight travel stroller when you don't want to lug around or travel with a heavy stroller. We've used ours twice already traveling to see my husbands parents. This GB Pockit Stroller is one of my favorites and can fit in a small bag to carryon a plane!

[ Nose Frida ] Ok so this one sounds super gross, but has worked amazing for us! I honestly didn't think I would need this as the hospital provides a pretty great "sucker" for suctioning baby snot, until our little girl became congested. The Nose Frida really got those suckers a million times better than any other suction. Its one of those things you don't think you need, until you need it. And let me tell you, heading to the store is a huge chore with a baby, and all you want to do is provide your little one some relief when they have a stuffy nose. Luckily, Amazon came to the rescue and delivered ours that same day! Otherwise I'd have one miserable stuffy nose baby.

[ Pack'n'Play ] Depending on the layout of your home (and your preference), this may be a game changer for you as it was for us. I live in a two story house, with our nursery on the 2nd level of our home. We spend most of our time downstairs and it's a chore to carry our baby upstairs for diaper changes and afternoon naps. So having our Pack'n'Play in our living room has been great for us and we use it every day. They make different versions of them with different variations, but the one we have has a changing pad, as well as a napper that has vibration and sound and can also be used as a playard. With the amount of diapers you'll be changing, you may want to consider putting one of these on your baby registry. 

Hoping these suggestions come in handy for you! Knowing what I do now, I wouldn't have registered for a lot of items that we rarely use or don't find to be necessary. (Like a wipe warmer, and baby shoes.)

What are some things you've found to be life-changing with your little one?


  1. Yessss to all of this! I don't know what I would have done with the boppy or her swing. And the click connect car seat to stroller is genius! It was perfect for when she was sleeping, and we could easily transfer her in and out of the car <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. Thanks for your great advices! I have to supplement with formula now because my milksupply is too low. My baby began to throw up at first. I than switched to formula for sensitive stomaches and it is a lot better now. I will try your recommended bottles from Dr. Brown and am curious if there will be a difference. Thank you a lot!

  3. Thanks for an amazing essrntials list. My biggest baby equipment problem was choosing a good pack'n'play. There are just too many of them. With storage pockets, without one, with a napper or without it...confusing. That's how I've found mommy blogs and reviews.
    By the way, one of such resources, Sophie van der Linden 's blog was the one who helped me choose the best pack'n'play for our first baby.


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