Wednesday, March 4, 2015

If You Didn't Already Know

If you didn't already know, I've been somewhere between a writers block and extremely busy with my Etsy shop.  I haven't found the time or the inspiration to come up with posts for my blog, and I really just kind of left it for weeks and weeks.  Although I am not fully back again, I am working on ideas and time management. (Any of you have some tips on time management?)  I really need to manage my time better, so if you have suggestions, please hollaa at me!

In the meantime, between my random busy lifestyle,  spending quality time with my husband and two fur babies, working on order for my shop, and trying to figure out why the heck there are not more hours in a day, here's what is on my mind currently...

I am Currently..

Watching || Criminal Minds, Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory, Stalker.
My weekly routine. Seriously obsessed.  Two years ago I didn't care to watch TV.  Now I can't wait till the next episode comes on!  What are your favorite shows?
Loving || The Britney Spears station on Pandora. I've been so busy working on orders and trying to catch up, and listening to this really pumps me up!  It's my major Go-To right now. (And I'm not gonna lie, I change it to the Frozen Disney Pandora station too, it's soothing okay!)
Craving || Healthier food.  I've been so awful the past few months, I think my body is trying to tell me to eat better.  Diet starts tomorrow! (I'm pretty sure I've been saying this for months)

Wishing || It was summer.  I mean, Not gonna lie, the weather has been ridiculously warm for February.  But I really want all the Summer activities to happen, right MEOW.

Wanting || My ankle to feel better.  After my episodes of falling two weekends ago(February), it's been hurting.  I know I'm a klutz, because I literally fell so many times, I don't even know why.  When I went to the Dr. to check on my healing broken hand (From January), there were signs all over with "Fall Prevention Tips."  I couldn't stop laughing.   This is so not my year so far.

Needing || To deep clean my house, do laundry, put laundry away, and seriously organize my home and life, ASAP.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Vegas Weekend Recap

So my gal pals and hubby and I drove to Vegas for a last minute getaway weekend!  We had too much fun!   So I rolled my ankle the pervious weekend (at a wedding) and was so nervous to walk in heels. (Probably a bad idea anyways), but luckily I survived!

We started off at the MGM and went to Hakkasan where #DADALIFE DJ'd which was pretty rad.  There were bananas and pillow fights.   Random yes, fun yes!

We took a photo with a Banana shortly after leaving the club (The girl had to hold it, she didn't trust us haha)

We ended up at the hotel around 6 am, tooka  nap till 10:30 and went on to the next day.
Started off at the PBR bar with breakfast, and many drinks.  

We continued the day drinking and walking around the strip.  My husbands friends live in Vegas so they met up with us later in the evening for some drinks and gambling.  

(To be continued with photos shortly)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fun Tumblers, Engagement Gifts, Wedding Add On and More

Have an upcoming Bridal Shower, perhaps a Wedding Shower, or maybe even a Baby Shower?   Well if you already bought the perfect gift but feel as if it's going to blend in with the rest of them, why not add a personalized Name or Monogram decal on it?  Personalizing your gift can make all the difference, without breaking the budget.

By grabbing one of these $1 Monograms, you'll be sure to be the talk of the party.   
Or heck, grab one for yourself ;)

They can be added to pretty much anything-- Baby bottles, containers, pacifiers, hair brushes, picture frames, baby monitors, walls, and so much more!  They can be completely customized to fit your needs! 

Or get a personalized mug for only $8!

or a $5 Ring Dish, completely customizable!

Or if you're feeling thirsty, these made-to-order tumblers would be the perfect touch!
They can be custom made, any color, any style, any way you choose!

The possibilities are endless! So stop by today and check out some items in the shop, share them on Pinterest, and make sure to "Favorite" my shop for future items!

As a Special Thank you from me, use code: THANKYOU10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase :)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Upcoming Collection at Target

Did you know Target has an upcoming collection that you are sure to be in LOVE with! 
The popular Lilly Pulitzer will be coming to Target in April.  I am so excited, especially because all of Lilly Pulitzer colors and styles remind me of Spring which is right around the corner!  Talk about perfect timing!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Giveaway Time!

My good blogger friend Ashley is hosting a GIVEAWAY for all you future or past Brides!  I think you would be super interested in it!

Sorry I have been so MIA, I've taken a mini blog break-- mostly to catch up on my etsy shop, and I've had some major writers block!   Any suggestions for that?  I thought taken a nice break would be good. I haven't had the time or motivation! So sorry guys!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

I had such a great weekend with family and friends! One of my good friends got married yesterday and we had too much Fun!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

Sorry I've been so MIA, I promise I'll update all of you soon!
In the meantime, make sure to stop by Cinnabon today to get your FREE minibon between 5-8pm!  And a few other FREEBIES:
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursty Thursday

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5. Get some new recipes or drink ideas for the weekend and make a new friend!!
6. Send a tweet with #ThurstyThursday and include @leggs532 and @LisaNic22 so we can see it!!

Anyone interested in co-hosting next week email Kristin at:

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