Friday, September 7, 2012

Showered With Nutritious Snacks

-Cucumbers with Lemon Juice-

Who knew something so simple would taste so great!  & Not only is it delicious, but its super healthy for you.  That's right! When you combine cucumbers with REAL lemon Juice, it actually works as a "fat burner" and helps supercharge your metabolism.  ( please don't use the artificial kind, it tastes yucky with it )

Cucumbers are also known to prevent bloating by acting as a "diuretic"
Foods with high water content actually  prevent water retention and bloating that can make it appear that you have a big belly.

Lemons increase metabolism, which generates heat in the body. As your body heats up, calories and fat dissolve. Plus, as you already know, lemons are highly acidic. Acidic foods aid in fat breakdown.  But don't eat too many acidic foods!
Here's what I make for a healthy, delicious snack:
1 Cucumber
2 lemons ( squeeze the juice over the cucumbers )
pinch of salt
- If you want to make it a little spicy, add a few drops of Tapatio or Cholula.

Cucumbers have great health benefits .Because of there high water content many benefits of cucumbers are physical, such as clear skin, reduction in under eye swelling and sunburn relief. But the water content in cucumbers is also responsible for helping rid your body of toxins that can make you sick.
so grab your cucumbers and lemons today and enjoy a tasty and HEALTHY snack!

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