Friday, February 1, 2013

Cozy up with a Valentine

Cozy up with a Valentine

Heart necklace

Kate spade

Valentine's Mug

Whether you have a Valentine or not, there are many ways to spend this Valentines day without feeling alone. Grab your girlfriends and have a pajama movie night! Cook for favorite dinner and watch a movie together.

Do All your girlfriends have a special someone? Call your guy friends
- have a poker night.

You dont need to celebrate "Valentine's Day" like anyone else. Do whats fun for you and make it fun!  It'll change the way you think about the day and give it a different perspective.

If you do have a special someone- plan a romantic evening.. Whether you cook for him or take him to dinner.  Put on a cute outfit and watch a movie together.  Give him a massage or something you don't normally do on an everyday basis.

--Grab some lucky dice- and see where it takes you.
The possibilities of February 14 are endless. And it doesn't have to be in a romantic way.

Untitled #9

Here are some gift ideas for the lovely men in your life:

1. For the Whiskey lover:

whiskey lover's set

2. For the Creative:
  $almost free

 DIY Project- how stinkin' cute is this
- DIY Project coming soon!

3. For the Watch lover:

4. For the Silly Boy:


5. For the Fun of it:

6. For the Fun Drinking Guy


7. For the Organized:

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  1. LOVE the pj's from forever 21! How cute! Such a cute post. (:


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