Friday, May 17, 2013

Jewelry Lovin'

250x250 INPINK Trendy Jewelry

Who doesn't love jewelry? I mean, come on, we are girls.. well most of my readers anyhow. If you haven't already heard about INPink Jewelry, you are missing out!  It's not only affordable, but it is made well!  It's not like that cheapy jewelry that might last a year, NOPE! This jewelry will last you much much MUCH longer & save you tons of money!

INPINK not only has a  HUGE selection of jewelry styles ranging from simple, elegant pieces  to bold,  statement pieces!  They have  something for everyone's style PLUS they also have nail polish.  What's not to love?

They have everything from Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Nail Polish , from Evening, to Everyday Wear to Bridal Collections.

Any item from INPINK would make a really thoughtful gift for a friend or family, or even a nice treat for yourself! After all, you put all that hard work into what you do everyday!

If I could choose any two pieces from their collection, it would have to be these:



 Rhinestone Infinity Gold Chain Bracelet 
I am in love with the infinity symbol; ever since I was a little girl, my mother would always say, "Love you infinite!" She would write it on my  Birthday cards, or in little notes in my lunch for school.  So the "infinite/infinity" word and symbol really stuck with me and is meaningful to me.

What are your favorite items from the INPINK store?

If you buy today, you will not only receive amazing jewelry that comes in a very cute pink and silver INPINK box tied with a beaded silver cord. Your jewelry will be carefully wrapped with  custom INPINK tissue paper AND you will get FREE Shipping on orders over $49!  Get yours today!

720x90 INPINK Fashion Jewelry

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