Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weekend Recap and Bridal Shower Planning

So, I have some news for you! I found my wedding dress this last weekend! I am way too excited! I didn't think I would find it so quickly! And the best part, we found it way under our budget! Talk about meant to be.

Here are a few photos of the weekend.  Please excuse my creepy boney-looking feet!
The weather was gorgeous, I HAD to take advantage.  Thank you,  Southern-California.
 And of course us lovely ladies AFTER I found my wedding dress.  This was taken at the bridal boutique, they let you celebrate by supplying some champagne!  Of course we took them up on the offer!  This is my mother, me and my friend Marissa.  Please excuse my moms arm.  For some reason it looks strange in the photo.  She might kill me for posting it!  Whoops!

And then me and the babes on mini date night. 

On another note, I am planning my girlfriends bridal shower, and I need game ideas! So far I have the "Don't say the groom name game" and "What's in the brides purse?   Any other ideas! I need some help!

Hope you all had a lovely fun-filled weekend.

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  1. congrats on finding your dress - so awesome! and always good when it's under budget. I always like the easy shower "game" of setting a timer and giving a prize to the person whose gift is being opened when the timer goes off :)


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