Thursday, October 10, 2013

Engagement Makeup Gone Bad- My Experience

So I know everyone has at least one horrible experience in the midst of wedding planning.  Well here's one of mine:

I scheduled my makeup appointment in the city of Costa Mesa. I've had my makeup done professionally on a few occasions, by different makeup artists and loved how they did my makeup.  This place I went to had great reviews on yelp, and my coordinator suggested to try them.  My first impression when I walked in to the cute little studio was not exactly what I was expecting.  I wasn't greeted kindly, there were no smiles given, I felt so awkward.  Thank goodness one of my bridesmaids was with me.  First thing she told me was that I was early: umm my appointment time was 8 minutes away.. what in tarnation!  My bad for being 8 minutes earlier than I was supposed to.  Everything went downhill from there, the universe was not in my power.  I usually tend to go for airbrush makeup, however, she didn't use it (which I thought she would-- my bad for not asking ahead of time.)  So I just went with it.  She didn't really customize the makeup to me, she just did I guess what the basic makeup is for engagement shoots.  I thought it was odd. I started getting really uncomfortable.  
When she completed my makeup I looked in the mirror and I was horrified.  
My eyes looked like racoons they were so dark.. I looked like a prostitute/drag queen.. 
Thank goodness I had some spare time before my shoot to immediately fix this horrible makeup.  

I am so glad I had a trial before my actual wedding.  I 100% recommend getting a trial so you can avoid THIS:
Do not laugh!
Ok maybe a little.  I did, after this was all over.  Oh my gah, my face... was so blotchy.  My eyes, so dark.  Obviously I was furious as you can tell.    ::giggle::

Ok the next photo.... I look extremely scary.. BEWARE

Here is the photo she posted on her instagram.. BEWARE .. BEFORE AND AFTER

Look how blotchy the photo on the right is.. ohh myyyy goodness! Awful!  
Thank goodness my hair looked cute.

And if that didn't make matters worse.. it was raining at the time our shoot was supposed to be.  We had to use the studio instead and reschedule for the outdoor session.  
I told you the universe was unhappy with me..
Glad I got to share my horrible experience and provide you with a laugh!


  1. Hey! I randomly found you blog through Martinis and Bikinis. I actually had my wedding make up done at Flawless Faces! I did a trial with them and at first they were making my makeup too dark. Thank goodness I did a trial. If you want to see my wedding makeup from them... I am so sorry you had a bad experience with FF!

  2. Oh girl, at least your hair looked good!!


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