Thursday, October 31, 2013

Simple Last Minute Halloween Costume

I must be the only one this year not dressing up for Halloween. I didn't even get excited that it was Halloween, or have anything planned for it.  I literally had no motivation for Halloween. I am so lame.
Maybe next year I'll be more into it, because I will be married next time around ...

(Crazy right?)

I mean, I've been super busy planning and making crafts for my wedding and bachelorette weekend so that has taken up most of my time (and $$$) 

Gosh, I sound like an old lady.  Also, the fiances birthday is this weekend,
 so I've been planning that too!  

Anyways, if you have any last minute plans for Halloween, here are some easy, creative ways so you don't show up and be the only one not dressed the part.
Grab a Tshirt, Leggings, or sweater, some acrylic or fabric paint, 
and make those shirts ya'll! 
 Simple Last Minute Halloween Costume

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