Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a pretty eventful weekend for once! Let me start by recapping two weekends ago, and then proceed to include this past weekend! I have so much catching up to do!

My sister-in-law officially had her baby girl.  We went to visit her when she was a week old. She is adorable. 

I made her a birth stat canvas and brought it up when we went to visit.

Tried out some Root Beer BEER! It seriously tastes just like root beer! But has 5.6% alcohol. It is delicious and I am super tempted to make a spiked Root beer float now. (Notice the babe in the background ;) )

Made the new princess a onesie, technically "From" my husband.  Since we are a huge baseball family, I had to add a baseball in there!

My mother-in-law worked on a cute pumpkin topiary! You can view the DIY tutorial here.

We had a fun visit, and I can't wait to visit again for Thanksgiving! 

This past weekend on (Friday) we headed to Universal Studios for their Halloween Haunt.  I never get scared at these things, but it was fun nonetheless. Of course we had to pose at the entrance,
and also took a photo at the Bates Motel Home.

Saturday my girlfriend and I had a craft night and made these adorable topiary address pumpkins.  I am super excited how they turned out!  We crafted till about 3 in the morning.  Isn't it weird how your priorities change as you get older?  Maybe it's just me. Next week we are making wreaths, and I can't wait to have them both up together!

Sunday we slept in till after noon, and then went out to watch the football games and of course enjoy some wings and beer!  Unfortunately I didn't snap a photo, I really need to get better at that!


  1. How adorable is your sweet little niece! My sister just had her baby girl the end of August. So in love with her!! I love the birth stat canvas idea, may just have to copy you!

    Too funny how our priorities change as we get older, staying up until 3am to craft sounds like a great night to me :)

  2. Talk about a crafty girl!! Look at those topiary address pumpkins!! Love! And your niece is so precious!! ;-)

  3. LOVE those pumpkins! And yesssssss to hard root beer - my new fav <3

    Congrats to your sister! Your niece is gorgeous!

    Green Fashionista

  4. Well that root beer looks amazing... have to keep an eye out for that in Maryland!

  5. You are so talented!! The birth stat canvas is so cute, and what a sweet baby girl - she is just a doll - congrats!!!

  6. Aw, congrats to your sister in law, how exciting! And I've been curious about hard root beer, glad to know it's good! :)

  7. Those pumpkins are so cute!! I'll be sure to do those when I get my next house :)

    Congrats on the new baby in your family!! She looks so small and sweet. BTW, you have some nice skills making that board, I love it!

  8. We've been drinking the hard apple cider. Now I need to find the hard root beer. It sounds good. I love the birth stat canvas.

  9. Oh! I love those pumpkins. We just bought a house and have our address above the garage in the back of our house, and it's not on our front. I've been looking for a way to display our address.. this is perfect! Thanks!


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