Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Life's An Adventure

I have always been obsessed with photos. I even told my wedding photogorapher that I wanted ALL the photos he took. The bad, the good, the awkward, ALL of them. To me, each photo tells a different story and I remember certain moments from where it was taken. 

Since I already own a Cannon Rebel T3i that I totally LOVE, I knew I needed something I could travel with that was waterproof, and smaller so I could carry it along with me. I have wanted a GoPro for a while, but it wasn't a necessity as we didn't travel as much and I wanted to wait until I really really needed it. 

Well you guys, it happened. I took the plunge and bought one! With our recent Sea Doo purchase, our constant river trips, and our upcoming two-week Alaska vacation, I knew I wanted something I could take with me that took great photos and was compact enough to have in my purse! (I also have really wanted to hook it on to our Sea Doo to get some cool shots!) I also had No idea that it had so many awesome qualities, such as being able to view and share photos with the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

I spent days researching for the perfect fit. I knew I wanted a touch screen so I could view the photos and video after I took them, so that was a must! I went with the HERO4 Silver, listed at $399 on the site, however I always check Amazon for deals and found it for $359! Saving me $40 that I could use towards some fun gear (ie: Selfie stick, handlebar mount--for the sea doo! and more) I am so excited to try it out this weekend when we head to Lake Shasta to stay on a houseboat. (Which features a slide and hot tub- holla!)

I am excited for all our upcoming adventures and will be able to catch them all on camera!

P.S. If you use Amazon Prime, make sure you set up your Amazon Smile so that every purchase you make, a portion donates to your favorite charity! I chose Southern California Dachshund Relief, since it's local and I love my two dachshunds so much! It costs you nothing additional to donate and it automatically does it when you use to make your purchases.

Do you have a GoPro? If so, do you have ANY tips/tricks for me?

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  1. My husband bought me this same one for Christmas this past year and I love it!! Although I don't get too tricky with it I love having it at the lake and being able to take photos in the water!


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