Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wedding Color Palette

When I originally started planning our wedding, I knew I wanted to incorporate my favorite color. (Tiffany Blue) I was very particular of the color. I didn't want turquoise or baby blue, I wanted a mint/tiffany blue. I had all these great ideas on decor and once I continued planning I thought it would be fun to incorporate my other favorite color into the mix. (Coral).  

As a graphic designer, I love colors that compliment each other, and being that Tiffany Blue and Coral are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, I knew it was the perfect match. I love how they make each other pop!

Now that I was able to incorporate my two favorite colors into our wedding, I was even more excited than when I first started planning! (Is that even possible?)  I originally wanted Tiffany blue dresses and coral flowers, but I loved the coral dresses we found and had to switch it up. The color and design was so beautiful.

I love the bright dresses with the shimmering stones. I knew I wanted something completely different than the normal wedding trends. I wanted flashy dresses.  Because my wedding dress was sweetheart, I wanted my bridesmaids to match. So we found their dresses in sweetheart style as well.  I gifted them these pretty matching bracelets I found on this etsy shop, AMI Designs

At first I wanted to have Tiffany Blue in my bouquet, but I love the color against the girls dresses (and plus I am a total Bling Bride.) So I chose to have a rhinestoned bouquet and my girls had the Tiffany Blue.

I love how well the two colors compliment each other, and because we had a summer wedding (July) I wanted it to be fun and pop!

I wanted my Flower girl and ring bearer pillows to match too! I couldn't find the photo I have of them, but here's one off her site.  I changed the grey to be Tiffany Blue.
 Ordered from CutieButtsBoutique, however I am not sure if she still makes them.

What are your two favorite colors that compliment each other? I'd love to hear about it! Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I love your colors! We went with mint and ivory, and loved every single thing!! SO glad you ended up loving your chosen colors as well!! xo


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