Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Bump Diaries | The Beginning

My husband and I married July of 2014 and we knew we wanted to enjoy some time ourselves before trying for kids. After a few years went by and we decided it was the right time and that we were ready to start this new journey bringing life into the world. 

It took us a little over a year to get pregnant and honestly, I started thinking that something was wrong with me. I had always had irregular periods so tracking my ovulation cycles was more difficult.  I bought the strips, I started taking prenatal vitamins, (by the way,I totally recommend this brand by Nature Made), I tracked my Body temperature daily and was very thorough with jotting down every little note and detail on what was going on with my body. I tracked how I felt, when I had cramps, what I ate, etc. It started feeling so unnatural and exhausting after seeing Negative after Negative on each months pregnancy tests. I decided to give it a rest and thought I'd give it time before having to consult a Dr. on what out next step should be. 

On Wednesday, January 18th, 2017- the day I was supposed to start my period- I decided to just take an ovulation strip and pregnancy strip just for the heck of it. The pregnancy strips showed up negative, however, the ovulation strip showed the first positive I ever saw. I thought that was weird considering I shouldn't be ovulating when I'm supposed to start my period so I took two more tests, another ovulation and another pregnancy strip. Same Results. 

I started wondering what would be causing the ovulation strip to show up positive and the pregnancy to show up negative. It just didn't make sense. I spent a while googling the possibilities and was wondering if it was possible for an ovulation strip to show up positive and that be a sign of pregnancy. 

I decided to take one of the pregnancy tests I had stocked up on. (First Response
It felt like forever waiting for the results, it was driving me nuts. I waited on the side of the shower hoping my wishes would come true. After three long minutes the first line appeared and then the second line showed up. I didn't believe it. Could this finally be our time?! Could this really be happening? I cried tears of joy and just kept staring at the test. I didn't believe it was real.

Once my husband got home from work, I grabbed him by the hand and took him upstairs. He kept asking what was going on. I didn't even have words to say I was so excited and shocked myself. I explained to him that I took both the ovulation strips and the pregnancy strips and how the ovulation strip showed positive but the pregnancy showed negative and then I took them again and finally took a First Response test.

He looked at me confused because I was talking so fast and said, "So what does that mean?"
I said, "I think it means I'm pregnant!

We hugged for a long time, tears rolled down my face and he asked what I need to do next. I called to make a Dr. appointment the next day as I had no idea how far along I was or if the test was truly positive. They scheduled it a few weeks out and I had my very first visit February 2nd.  I went in to get my blood tests taken care of the Friday after finding out I was pregnant.

I took another test on Friday evening just because I still couldn't believe it. I decided to take a different brand to see if it showed any different. I took the Clearblue and sure enough it showed "Pregnant" right away.

We didn't want to tell anyone the news just yet, we wanted to wait and see what the Dr. said, and then wait some more just in case. Not telling people sure is hard, especially when they flat out ask you. We did pretty good not spilling the news, but it was no easy task!

To Be Continued...



  1. Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We waited a few years before starting our family, and it was honestly the best decision. Enjoy every second leading up to meeting that sweet baby <3
    Green Fashionista

    1. Thank you so much! WE are so excited to add an addition to our life <3

  2. Congrats!!! That's so exciting.


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