Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Bump Diaries | Week 15

We got to see Baby at our last appointment and Dr. says he or she is doing great! He said so far I am healthy, no issues, and I go in for my next ultrasound in a few weeks!

Due Date: October 2, 2017

Size of Baby:
Week 15 - Apple (4 inches)

Symptoms: I actually have had way more energy, I have taken less naps throughout the week and have been able to stay up past my bedtime!  So exciting! I've also been able to sleep through the night!

Eating Mostly: Fruits, larger portions of anything! (Finally getting my appetite back!)
Can't stand: Steak, Shrimp,Chili, Garlic.

Gender: We had an appointment on April 21 where I thought we'd find out the gender. (We did not) However, we go in on May 9th for a 45 minute ultrasound where they will check literally everything. And the gender!
Since we are planning a gender reveal party, I wanted to surprise our parents by taking them to a ball-field, throwing our gender reveal ball, and having my husband hit it which will then have the color gender smoke dust! Then we will have the party with family and friends a few weeks later.

Name: We're waiting until after we find out the gender to start picking names. We have a few names we like, but not sharing yet!

Movement: Still too early. Haven't felt anything yet. I thought I felt what I've heard is called "fluttering" but I think it was something else. I definitely have slight rib pain so I can tell whatever is going on in there is moving something around!

Nursery:  Been clearing out the dresser in the room to get it ready to sell. Since I have the Ellen Mother's Day show special in May that I am going to, I haven't wanted to buy anything big until I see what she gives away. Then we will start hitting the ground running on getting the room decided. Plus,  once we get the gender I can really tune into the design!
  Maternity Clothes: I went shopping again last weekend and found some new body-con dresses which seem to be my thing nowadays. They are so comfortable and simple, so I know they will come in handy this summer when it's a million degrees outside.

Sleep: Still no complaints. I have been able to sleep through the nights.

Mood: Been in a good mood for the most part. I did cry the other day at work, like balled my eyes out crying with tears dripping down my face and I had no idea why.

Looking forward to: May! So many fun things ahead! We find out the gender, I go to the Ellen Show, I go to my favorite restaurant in Burbank (with the BEST cheese bread) called The Smokehouse after the Ellen Show with my cousins, aunt and mom. (They live down the street from Warner Bros Studios.) and I'm attending a Baby Show!


  1. So glad you're feeling better and have your energy back, and love your idea for the gender reveal. I'm guessing Team Pink, and can't wait to hear the news <3
    Green Fashionista


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