Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Bump Diaries | Week 16-17

Over the weekend my mom and I started venue shopping for my baby shower. Since we are hosting the shower in August, I knew I wanted it to be indoors and my moms house would be too squishy with that many people inside. Also having it at a venue will make it so much easier for us. We won't have to set anything up or clean up after so that's a huge plus! We had an appointment at one golf course and ended up hating it so we started feeling like we weren't going to have any luck. We drove on a whim to another one by my moms house and fell in love with it that we booked it right away. It's so pretty and has a nice view in the room so it will be stunning! 

Since we found the venue so quickly, I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend! My hubby and I were able to head down to Temecula (known for their wineries) with our friends who were having a chili cookoff. I did try some chili, if you can remember chili has not sounded good at all, but I tried some and didn't get sick so that's a plus! It was a fun turnout and nice to get out of the house for a change.  Then on Sunday we had friends over to hang out by the pool and then BBQ'd that evening. It was a nice fun filled weekend! Now on to the Bump Diaries.

Due Date: October 2, 2017

Size of Baby:
Week 16 -Avocado  (4.5  inches)
Week 17 - Turnip  (5 inches)

Symptoms: I've been feeling really good! With more energy to get things done, this is the best!

Eating Mostly: Smoothies, & craving Hot cheetos.
Can't stand: Steak, Shrimp, Garlic. (still!)

Gender: We are finding out next week! May 9th , BUT having the Dr. put it in an envelope because we decided to bump up our gender reveal party and give the envelope to my friend to help plan the Surprise! I ordered these gender reveal baseballs from Gender Reveal Parties (one of each color so she can give us the correct one to use!)  We will be heading to the ball field to toss and hit the ball so we can see what the gender is! I am so excited! Our theme is "Baseball or Bows?"

I also just ordered the invitations for our party! 
Normally I would design it myself but I have been so swamped with my Etsy shop orders that I just don't have the time right now! (I had to block out the address and phone number so don't worry! It's not a mistake! hehe
Ordered from: Magical Invitations

Can you tell I love shopping on Etsy? I love supporting other Etsy shops!

Movement: Still no movement.. too soon!

Nursery: Waiting until after May 10th so I can see what items Ellen gives away at her show!
Maternity Clothes: Been most comfortable in leggings, maternity jeans, and dresses. I attempted to wear my two piece bathing suit this weekend and let's just say that's not even an option anymore. Also officially grew out of my bra so I will need to shop for a new one.

Sleep: Still no complaints. I have been able to sleep through the nights.

Mood: Been in a good mood for the most part.  Little things bother me, but I have been trying to stay more calm and let things go.

Looking forward to: This month! So many exciting things happening! Gender appointment, Ellen Show, + my friends baby shower!

Do you know of any pregnant/mommy bloggers? 
I am wanting to find more! Please share your favorites!


  1. ooh any idea what you are having? I'm trying to find mum bloggers too, I'm itsfeeslife on twitter and Insta if you fancy chatting? would be good to get to know a fellow mum to be blogger! xx

  2. Yay for finding a venue you love so quickly, and being able to eat chili again! Can't wait to hear if your baby is team pink or blue <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Oh my goodness, you're too cute!!! I knew from day 1 that Spencer was a boy, but I really thought Porter was a girl, so I guess I have no momma intuition. If we have a third, we're going to keep it a surprise again!

    Can't wait to find out if it's a little lady or little gentleman!


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