Monday, June 12, 2017


Happy Monday lovies! Another weekend comes to an end, which is always such a bummer. The Hubby and I really kicked things into gear this weekend to get stuff done. He was originally planning on going out of town to the river but I convinced him to stay and help get the nursery ready, now that we KNOW it's a girl. 

We double checked this weekend and went to an ultrasound place to verify. I wanted to make sure before buying some pink items! We got to see her hiccup too, it was so cute!

On Friday I started going through the room getting rid of the rest of things I've had in boxes that's just been sitting in there for the past few years. Mostly miscellaneous items, some I gave away for free and the wedding items which I ended up keeping and storing in a bin to be placed in the garage. It felt good to finally go through almost everything and clear out the junk and de-clutter. It's been a long time coming. I also completed and shipped out my last aisle runner order for the year. (I'm taking some time off from the shop to prep for Baby Girl-- I may reopen a little beforehand but I didn't want to overwhelm myself.)

Once Saturday came around, we took hubby's car to the shop for an oil change and then went to breakfast. I haven't had much coffee while being pregnant, so I treated myself to some with breakfast. 

So worth it.

After breakfast we hit the mall to take his phone in since the charging pad hadn't been working properly. It ended up being filled with lint. He took a little tool and scooped it out of the charging area and it worked perfectly after that. Who knew?!  Once that was fixed we went to Babies R Us to start our First Baby Registry. Hubby took the scanner from me and we picked everything out together. (I was pretty shocked he was so into it! He was having too much fun.)

We had such a great experience with the employees. They were very helpful and thorough and we even got a Welcome gift with some goodies!

After we got a pretty good idea of what we needed, I decided I could do the rest online. We went through the entire store, but I knew I needed to research some things. This is all so new to me, and I have no idea what we need! So if you have any tips or suggestions please comment your input! I'm open ears!

We went to pick up hubbies car and take the truck in for service too and went to Home depot to pick out paint and paint supplies for the nursery. I knew I wanted grey for the walls so we decided on Behr Cool Ashes Grey. Hubby went to town touching up the baseboards and prepping the tape to begin painting. While he did that, I continued to De-clutter my office and around the house. 

Once he prepped everything, and painted the baseboards, we headed to Buy Buy Baby to begin our second registry. I of course had to take advantage of the "Expectant Mothers Parking."

Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby have some different options from one another so it was kind of like getting a "second opinion." And to add some different items to the registry. We also got a Welcome Bag from them too!

The start of the painting!
We eventually called it quits for the day and ordered some salad, pizza and cheese bread and enjoyed it on the patio while conversing with the neighbors. I also found this American Flag bandana while cleaning and of course had Oscar wear it the rest of the night.

They got a little bit of pizza scraps too!

On Sunday, hubby finished painting the room and we watched some of the sporting events for the NCAA.  We were waiting for the Cal State Fullerton Baseball Game vs. Long Beach for the NCAA and they won are heading to Omaha for the World Series! Whoo hoo! 
Overall we had a very productive weekend and I feel so much better getting things done! We get our crib and dresser delivered this week so I wanted to really get a head start on everything.

I'll be sharing my nursery colors and inspiration in my next post this week so stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions or recommendations on items to add to our registry, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. What a great weekend - registering must have been so fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh how exciting! I'm expecting and we are waiting until baby comes to find out the gender! I have two boys and I wonder if I'll be immersed in a world of pink! Ha. Registries are amazing. I've been reading over at It Starts With Coffee that all expecting mom's need a DockATock! I had never heard of this before so we will have to see what that is all about! Oh and register for Burts Bees bibs, they are the best! :))

  3. Love the color you chose for your nursery!!!! And how fun to do the registry together!


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