Friday, May 11, 2012

Showered With Free Stuff! and Typography & Design tips

Ok, so, everyone loves the word FREE especially if it means they are getting FREE STUFF.  As a designer, FREE generally means that its not so good, or isn't up to a designers standards.  But I found some that are great and designer worthy. (meaning they are acceptable for even the computer nerds like muah..;) )  I found a site which has great free Photoshop and other goods.  They are only free for a limited time, so hurry and get them while you can!

If you join make sure to use me as a reference :


One very important thing to keep in mind when designing is choosing the right fonts.  Fonts are very important in showing the emotion you want your project to feel and tying it into the design, look and feel of your project.  Here are a few sites which have the best, designer-approved fonts:

Now, There are 3 major RULES when using fonts:
  1. Maximum of 3 fonts per design
  2. Do not use fancy schmancy fonts for your body copy.  For one, it may not be readable, and its too overpowering for the design AND for the reader.
  3. Try having a color palette, or theme when using fonts with colors. is a great free resource that you can use color themes that go well together.  Also is a great site for choosing a color palette as well..
This is a great example of HORRIBLE fonts and use of them:
 Whats Bad? You ask..?   ..Whats not bad?????   The shadow effect, the colors, the font used... everything about this is.. No bueno.

Having trouble choosing what fonts work great together?  Try this free site which helps combine fonts and does the work for you ( ;-) wish I knew about this in college )

Color and Their Meanings:
Colors that come forward : red, orange, yellow
Colors that appear to recede: green, blue, violet

Image editing sites :
or photoshop

Ok I think I have overwhelmed you enough about Typography and design for today...  ... Its almost summer =)  I am excited for the warm weather.  Also it is the weekend!! Yay!


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