Thursday, November 29, 2012

California Winters

Living in California, we don't get the four season's.  Where I live, it doesn't even snow-- ever.  I'd have to drive 3 hours away to feel snow if I had to.  It does get a little chilly, but not to where I'd need ear muffs, actual warm scarfs ( not jsut for fashion), and long pants.   I have been dying to buy an outfit I can wear a cute pair of tights, my boots, and some tweed shorts with a blouse and cardigan.
Here is what I am looking for :

Shorts in winter


I personally think its darling', but what do I know? What do you think?  I'm not much of a genius when it comes to fashion. Any styling tips for me? 
Where can I buy these babies for cheap ish?

I need to get a personal styler-- pronto!


  1. I have totally tried to pull off this outfit but with jean shorts and I always feel like I'm doing it wrong! If you find that personal; shopper, send her my way ;)

    Holly Foxen Wells

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