Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh Sweet November...


Yes, it's finally November. Do you know what this means?? So much is going on for me in November.. such as:
I also forgot to add that I am going to Vegas the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving.  aye aye aye
So much is going on! & Dont forget to tell your friends about the Giveaway November 17  -- =) . Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. There were so many Trick or Treaters this year! And { OF COURSE } I dressed my fur babies up!

 & then me and the boy. 
{ He always dresses cowboy for Halloween.. This year he said "NO, I am Jason Aldean."  Okkayyy. whatever you say { Cowboy } haha  I tease.

Update { 11/3/12 }: Some New Photos 



  1. your costume is adorable! i love it!

    - Kristen

  2. i love your doggy costumes and next year will your man say he is luke bryan or another country artist? hehe

  3. Ok. I will follow as requested. Best wishes!


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