Saturday, October 27, 2012

the good 'ole days & inspiration

I Remember the Good 'Ole Days when I could sleep in on the weekends past noon... oh wait.. that was only six months ago. Funny how quickly things change. Here is some inspiration I made a few years ago. I will post a printable sometime this week { maybe even a few new ones } so you can print - frame - and enjoy in your home! Thoughtful of me, I know.

& Because I was rambling about  the"good ole days" Here is an old  Halloween photo I found {Perfect timing}:

Also, I have some great news to tell!  I will be hosting my FIRST giveaway starting November 17 which just happens to be my Birthday & My parents Wedding Anniversary.  So stay tuned and make sure you come back to enter the Giveaway!  Well, I am off to work my second job. Toodles!

P.S. Do you all have plans for this Halloween Weekend?  I'd love to hear in the comment section { this may even increase your chance to win my giveaway next month *Hint *hint }



  1. I'm excited for you giveaway!! So glad I found your cute blog! My Halloween plans are taking my kids out trick-or-treating and then watching Halloween movies while we eat candy and cupcakes. Happy Halloween to you!

  2. i remember being able to sleep in super late too on the weekend what happened to those days?! sigh.. growing old sucks sometimes. cant wait for your giveaway one of my co-workers is getting married on the 17th of nov!


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