Saturday, April 20, 2013


Since I canceled my recent subscription  to Birchbox and Ipsy due to me not needing any more products ( although I love both-- I think I'd truthfully say Ipsy was my fav-- and I definitely recommend!).. I decided I needed to try something for my fur babies.  I have always enjoyed searching for new pet treats for my sweet pup to enjoy, but I have always run into the problem of choosing which to buy.  I hate having to buy such a large bag of treats if I don't even know if my dogs are going to like them.  I'd hate to waste up to $18 on a bag of treats they don't enjoy.  After all, a treat is a reward for them being good, therefore they should enjoy it! Thanks to Hannah for recommending, I introduce to you, Pin It Pawbox.  It's just like using Birchbox and Ipsy-- which if you don't know, are monthly subscriptions for beauty products, but instead it's for your pets! They have it for both dogs and cats! You cannot go wrong!  I am too excited to receive my first Pawbox and try out with my furry friends! They are going to LOVE them!

Here's the rundown.
-$10/month ( you can cancel at any time)
-personalized box for your pet
-4-5 select luxury pet product samples
-one happy spoiled pet

I can't wait to receive my first Pawbox, and show you photos of how my pups enjoyed it!


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