Friday, April 19, 2013

Summer stripes

Summer stripes

I know stripes didn't get the best rating in the past, with people saying "They make you look wider."  Depending on how you wear the striped attire can determine how it looks, and stripes are definitely a go-to this summer.

Nothing reminds me more that summer is near than stripes. It’s the classic spring-summer transition.  Stripes can be worn in a variety of ways, you can add pops of colors-- and neons are a definite.  Don't think of this summers stripes as just another trend-- You can add stripes to dominate an outfit in everything from mini-dresses to a cute summer hat. Make sure to add some stripes to your wardrobe this summer! I know I sure will!

How will you wear your stripes this summer? 

Black and white stripe dress
$43 -

Striped top

Sleeveless shirt
$120 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs marc and marc jacob
$380 -

Navy blue bikini
$24 -

Repetto flat shoes


Floppy hat
$27 -


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    1. me too! I love how the coral/red-orange color makes it have a summer-feel


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