Monday, July 15, 2013

Wedding Shower Success : And The Drama Behind The Scenes.

One of my best friends Bridal Shower was this past weekend.  We had so much fun!  The theme was Candyland, and we had our own Candy bar. It turned out so cute and we did it all ourselves!  However, the pre-planning process was not an easy task. Let me tell you...

So, weeks ago I called the table & chair rental company to confirm our reservation and exact table/chair count.  Everything seemed like it was going smoothly, and I had no idea what was about to occur.  The night before the Bridal Shower, the table rental company was to deliver the chair and tables by 8PM.  11:30 rolls around, and they were still a no-show.  Thankfully, 5 minutes past, a Party Rental truck comes rolling down the street.  I thought the stress was gone, until he starts pulling 5 square tables out of the truck.  We ordered ROUND tables, and to make matters worse, they didn't even bring the chairs.
The guy starts storming off and that was that.  I didn't think they were even going to show up the next morning, I thought we were screwed.  Thank goodness they showed up and brought the correct tables and chairs this time.

It doesn't end there.

We began setting up around 8 am for the 12'o clock. The rest of the bridesmaids were supposed to be there to help us.  They were nowhere to be found, we couldn't get a hold of them, and they still had some of the supplies we needed.  The Bride-To-Be was not thrilled.  Finally, when all the guests arrived, she started having an anxiety attack from all the stress and had a hard time breathing.  She had to breath from a paper bag. Thankfully, the guests had started playing the toilet paper game and didn't realize what was going on.   She finally calmed down and started to begin her day.  It all worked out in the long run, but man was it stressful!  Just like they say, "Nothing  ever goes as planned!" -- couldn't be more true! haha!

Here is a photo of all the lovely bridesmaid ladies ( missing Jo!)

Our adorable Candy Bar ( Man was that a hit!)

We had Buca Di Beppo catering. It was delicious, and man was that a hit! Check out that line --  out the door!

 We started off with the toilet paper game, where we put groups together in teams and they had to make a bridal gown/veil out of toilet paper! It was so funny to watch!  Those girls sure were creative!

 It was such a fun day!  We even had our own Mimosa Bar


Have you planned a Bridal shower before?  Did you have any struggles?  What was your favorite part?



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