Monday, September 23, 2013

So Professional

Remember back in the beginning of August when one of my besties married her man, here? Well, she finally got her photos back from the photographer, Sposto Photo, and here are some of them:

 Bridal Party Gals
 Funny faces as the bride and groom kiss.

The reception entrance


 I promise I was giving the groom that cash in my hand, this is right before the
 money dance, and I was about to twerk with the groom, as you can see my fellow bridesmaid is shaking her finger at me. haha!

I was SO determined to catch that bouquet!  
And of course I did!!


Photo with the bouquet toss and garter winners! BOOM!

 LOVE How the photos turned out and I cannot wait till she gets her 
videography video from Taylor.

Till next time,

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