Friday, August 22, 2014

Rehearsal + Rehearsal Dinner

Every wedding calls for a wedding rehearsal.  You know, it's like the walk through before the big production! We chose to have our rehearsal the day before, that way it would be fresh in our minds and we were already booked to stay at our hotel that evening.  I started off the morning laying out by the pool.  I mean why not, the weather was fabulous!

 Then got ready for the evening.  My beautiful friend Jewel did my hair.

The wedding rehearsal has begun!  
Best Man & MOH
Walking with daddy..

"This rehearsal is like a kindergarten fire drill"..... and that it was. 

Officiate: Don Johnson

It was not easy getting everyone to pay attention and do what was asked.  (Mostly the guys).  It seriously felt like a kindergarten firedrill with little kids running all over the place.  Luckily it only took about 45 minutes to go over everything twice so everyone could remember where to go, what to do, and so on.

We chose to have our rehearsal dinner at Yard House (which was perfect because it was walking distance across the street from our venue.)  I custom designed menus and chose certain food options for our guests to choose from. 

My mother in-law bought custom cake pops for everyone with our wedding colors (Tiffany Blue & Coral) and one Bride and Groom one too! They were a hit and so adorable!

Bestie  MOH

After din din with my blondies
We came back to our room after dinner and of course had a photo shoot on one of our balconies.  The skies looked gorgeous how could we not?  Then my wonderful maid of honor pressed all of the girls dresses and robes that I gifted them so they would be pressed and perfect for my wedding day.  I went to bed early so I would be well rested and ready to take on the day!



  1. What a special night! I felt like my rehearsal was like a kindergarten fire drill too . . . maybe that's how they always are ;) You're dress is gorgeous!!

  2. Love your dress! So pretty! Where did you get it from?

  3. Loved your rehearsal dress!! We did cakepops for our rehearsal too - they were so delish!

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your dress!!

  5. Love your dress lady! You are absolutely beautiful! We are going on two years in November and I still wish I could go back and relive the weekend. :)

  6. Our rehearsal was a free frawl too but everyone remembered what they needed to considering ours was a Catholic ceremony and we only ended up doing two run throughs. You looked gorgeous and I love that you made custom menus for the dinner!

  7. That custom menu is too darn cute, and those cake pops are a great addition!

  8. Gorgeous RD dress, you were absolutely beaming :)

  9. Beautiful dress! I like the custom menu idea!

  10. Your dress is gorgeous! And I love that menu!

  11. What a great rehearsal and dinner! Your rehearsal dress was gorgeous--love it!

  12. Your dress is AHHHHmazing!!! :) Love all the pics! I felt like at rehersal reality really sunk in and I started getting nervous. Lol.


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