Thursday, September 18, 2014

7.12.14 {Pre-ceremony Photos}

One thing I knew on our wedding day is that I did not want him to see me before I walked down the aisle.  As much as photographers love that extra time, I am very traditional and I wanted to get that moment captured of my dad walking me towards the man of my dreams.  

We started by taking photos of me with my parents, and the each of my bridesmaids.  We also took portrait photos of myself in my dress.  

 Our sweet little flower girl.

I was so happy and excited when we found the bridesmaids dresses.  I knew I wanted something unique and different than anything I have seen before.  Being a bling bride as myself, I wanted some rhinestones incorporated in their dresses without it being overkill.  I knew I wanted them to have sweetheart tops because my dress was a sweetheart.  I thought their dresses complimented mine perfectly.  I love how the color pops!

 There were a few minor issues with the dresses.  A few girls had to get them taken in because they had to order a bigger size for their boobs.  One of my bridesmaids got pregnant (don't worry  she's married) and she had to find another dress because she couldn't fit in the one she originally bought.  It was such a hassle and stressful to try and find the same one in the same color!  I won't even go into any details about it.  Luckily she was able to find the same dress, although she had to pay more for it.  But everything worked out in the end thankfully!

Our hotel had two gazebos.  We got married at one of them and used the other one for pre-ceremony and post-ceremony photos which was perfect because we were able to capture the natural lighting while also having photos in both locations! 
That's a win-win!

I originally dreamed of having a Tiffany Blue wedding, because that's my favorite color.  After Pinterest came about, everyone and their mom decided they wanted a Tiffany Blue wedding, which sucked, so I knew I had to change it and wanted something different.  I also really love Coral as it's my second favorite color and is flattering on everyone.  So I chose Coral to be our main color with Tiffany blue as an accent color.  Not only that but they are complimentary colors and me being the graphic designer that I am, am pretty picky about that aspect so that is what we went with.  I was so happy with how the colors complimented each other so well.

All photos taken by Michael Jonathan Studios

Pre Ceremony Photos


  1. were a gorgeous bride! Love your flowers and the girls' dresses too! Beautiful all around!

  2. Your wedding photos are stunning and that bridal bouquet - love the colors!

  3. wow you look so pretty! I love your makeup and dress!

  4. So gorgeous! And your mom's dress is the perfect mother of the bride dress.

  5. Your pictures are completely gorgeous!!

  6. Your photos are amazing and so so beautiful! I agree, as much as my photographer would like to use the time before the wedding I still don't want my fiance to see me before!

  7. You look so beautiful Lisa!! I love the coral and Tiffany blue colors you picked because you're right, they do compliment each other well. Glad your bridesmaids were able to work with the dresses. I think that's always one of the hardest things to get just right for a wedding.

    Congrats again!! I wish I could've been there!


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