Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend! I am co-hosting with Bella from Dateless in Dallas for our weekly weekend recap!  I feel so refreshed this Tuesday morning.  I wish we had three day weekends all the time.  

Friday evening the hubby had to work, so I worked on some projects around the house and kept it low key and relaxed with my pups on the couch with some TV.

Saturday we decided to go to the street fair which is an event they have every Labor Day weekend where they have the best food and beers from around the world.  Each street has its own countries and features their food and drinks.  We tried so many different amazing food.  From lobster skewers to beef teriyaki skewers to the best burrito I have ever had. I failed for not photographing anything!  We closed the street fair down and went to the local bar.  Afterwards we met up with a few friends at another bar where I taught her the wobble and walked to her house and found the largest mailbox I have ever seen.  This photo does not do it justice, but look at how small the mail looks in there:

Sunday I was seriously struggling.  I hadn't drank that much since our honeymoon last month.  I had Chipotle which for some reason I crave hungover, and wasted the day on the couch napping with my pups.  The hubby went back to the street fair because he was craving that amazing burrito from the night prior.  When he got home we were able to get some errands ran and took it easy.  His boss let us borrow his Porsche Panamera GTS, so we took a little stroll in it.  I'm not big on cars, but I wouldn't mind having that. 

Received a friends wedding invite in the mail for this upcoming February!  Always exciting!

Monday we were able to get a lot done around the casa.  From cleaning to organizing to getting stuff out from boxes. The whole shebang.  We grabbed a late lunch at Ruby's because I had a mad craving for a burger.  I felt like the elderly eating at that time, but hey.. gotta do whatcha gotta do.  I never drink soda but I was wanting the vanilla coke they make.  
Simply amazing.


  1. We went out this weekend for a bachelorette party and we shut the bars down too and I am still trying to get caught up on my sleep!!! Glad you had a pretty eventful weekend!

  2. Yum Ruby's is sooo good! looks like a great weekend! I have random Chipotle cravings as well. I think I may take myself there for lunch today actually ;)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love getting wedding invitations in the mail!

  4. hahaha that mailbox is huge!! i died laughing. and girl, chipotle fixes anything.


  5. Sounds like a great weekend! I feel like I can't handle being hung over any more! Haha :)


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