Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, it's time for my Weekend Recap! This weekend was a major #Hustle weekend for me.  Since we are redoing my office this coming Friday, I knew I had to push orders out to give myself time to close shop and get everything that is now in my office out. 

I spent the evening on Friday helping my girlfriend create a gift for someone whose child died at 38 weeks in the womb.  She wanted to make something she would cherish and that would be meaningful for her. So we created this image and placed it on a tile.  This is what the end result was:

She was super happy with the result and it was her first time making anything like this for someone! I love it!

Saturday day I woke up bright and early to hustle out my Etsy orders.  I ended up having over 22 orders made and shipped out.  My mom was super helpful and came over to help me package all the orders!

Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?

We made it to the post office right before they closed to ship these babies off! I was exhausted.  When I got home, I thought I would have time to nap, but the hubby told me to start getting ready for an earlier dinner.   So that is what I did. 

We went to Claim Jumper and I ordered the steak and shrimp. It was so good!  They also have my favorite dessert Pumpkin Cheese Pie.  It's basically a cheesecake with pumpkin.  I am so not a dessert person, but something about pumpkin spices things up!  We got home and had our friends come over to play some cards, dice and go in the spa.  We played this game called 3-man, and I ended up being stuck as three man pretty much the entire game.  So I was feeling pretty good by the end of the night. Before the guys got too buzzed we went to the store to pickup more alch and some snacks. 

We ended up going in the spa around 3 am, and cooked taquitos and cookies. We didn't go to bed till about 5 am. It was a LONG night.

Sunday we pretty much slept all day and were super lazy.  We finally got up and moving around 2:30 PM and I helped my friend make some decals for his ATV/buggy. It was a fun weekend, but I am exhausted!

How did you all spend your weekend?

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  1. I love that "Does this ring make me look engaged?" cup! I'm ordering the second I ever get engaged! :)

  2. Those orders are so great - congrats! I'm a mug fiend. I need them ALL :D

  3. How cool! You're weekend sounds really fun! I can only imagine bringing all of those packages to the post office was some feat!


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