Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Magic Castle Experience

I don't know if you have ever heard of the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  To sum it up the Magic Castle is a private, invite - only clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts, which is a very special organization devoted to the advancement of the ancient art of magic.  The purpose of The Academy is to encourage and promote public interest in the art of magic with particular emphasis on preserving its history as an art form, entertainment medium, and hobby. It is one of the best schools for magic in which you may attend.  We were lucky enough to receive a guess pass to visit the Magic Castle and see the shows.

My fiance and I went with a couple of our close friends. When we arrived at the Castle, the magic had begun and we had to say "open sesame" for the door to open.  We entered the first room which was one of the many bars.  To the left were rooms where the shows were and to the right were stairs to enter the dining room.  Because we had arrived so early, we decided to plan our while by viewing a few shows before dinner.  We were waiting on our bar drinks and one of the magicians was doing a card trick at one of the tables for us.

It was such an amazing experience and they included us in a few of the shows we saw.  My favorite part was being able to dress up.  They had a strict dress code -- guys HAD to wear suits with jackets and ties, and formal-wear for the ladies.

I am so glad I can cross this off my bucket list.  If you ever get the opportunity to attend this place, I would recommend it! It's definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that not many people get to see, because its only for members and invite only ( those who work there--) 

Hope you all have your Christmas shopping done! I finally have finished mine! Thank goodness!
But I would like to make a few inexpensive DIY projects for my girlfriends. & Of course I will post them !

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