Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Holiday gifts- on a budget!

Sorry I have been so busy lately, I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like to. Nor have I had any time for DIY Holiday projects yet, which I am super bummed about.  But I have put together a list of my favorite DIY projects that I would have tried if I had the time and energy to do so :

Here are my favorite DIY Holiday projects that would make great gifts for your girlfriends, your mom, other family members, or co-workers. They will love the homemade touch to the gift. Plus it will save you money!

Pop Tab Bracelet  -- so easy! Just use ribbon and the can tops!

Pop Tab bracelet

Glitter holiday candles with double sided tape Want to Make this candle?Find out how to HERE

DIY Painted mugs. So many ideas and variations you can do. I LOVE the monogram idea.

DIY Monogrammed Mugs... or ANYTHING. Just use Enamels Acrylic Paint & Bake! Love this!

DIY Hand Painted Chevron Mugs

Are these not amazing and adorbs ideas? Also, while at the mall last week I walked by Claires (or Icing-- one in the same!)-- and I saw these "Mustache Mugs" and was going to buy a few for a girlfriend for Christmas for a silly gift.  Come to find out they were $8.50 each!  Seriously? I can totally recreate this mustache madness on a mug for $2 max!  Hello 99 cent store and dollar tree white mugs! and hello Black or Brown ceramic paint!
Are these not hilarious?? I want one! I must resort to making one soon! After I saw them I was researching mustaches online, and come to find out someone had the same idea that I had-- I guess I'm not such a genious like I thought- sigh!


See how many funny photos you can have! haha I love it.
Check out Kandeeland blog for a DIY mustache mug

I am soooo totes doing this for my co-workers! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! I am going out of town before and after Christmas so I wont have much time to blog! Take care! xoxo

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