Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift DIY

Who doesn't love a homemade gift, and how much better would you feel if you knew you had a few simple ingredients around your house to make the perfect DIY gift for everyone this Holiday Season.  That's right! Save money, and give the gift that your girlfriends are sure to love!

No need to suffer the stampede at the mall this season when you have exactly what you need at home to make a spa-worthy gift. You will need:

                                                1. White sugar
                                                2. Brown sugar 
                                                3. Olive oil 
                                                4. Vanilla
                                                5. Tubberware Container or Glass
                                                    Jar With Lid

Now I know you have these necessities for baking around your house during the Holidays!

Step 1
         Take all ingredients and mix them together
Step 2
         Package the scrub in a clean Tupperware container
Step 3
        Tie it up with a holiday bow

You can also switch it up and add some peppermint sugar, 

Here are some cute wrapping ideas I found for inspiration:

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub  
via google

xox Let me know if any of you make a sugar scrub this season!

-Lisa Nicole 

Sorry in advance for being a huge goof.

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