Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pinterest Findings

Oh weddings, that wonderful time of year when literally all of your friends are getting married. Thankfully I am engaged, because I get to watch them first hand, get ideas, see what works and what doesn't.  For those not engaged, you for sure should take notes too!  I wish I would have started this years ago.  Luckily for us internet-obsessed folk we have this magically place called Pinterest.  The place to collect your ideas, what you like, what you want to have, what you want to incorporate not only in your wedding planning, but your entire life! From outfits to recipes this is your bible.  I literally have spent hours on this silly little but oh-so amazing site.  

I also have stumbled across many amazing blogs because of Pinterest, one particularly that caught my eye is Fash Boulevard. Mostly, because of this photo:


Fash Boulevard is the Style Columnist for Lauren Conrad and Giuliana Rancic.  Plus, I just love how adorable this photo is.  Everything about it.  Plus it helps when the couple is attractive.  Anyways, what caught my eye was obviously the fact that she had a wedding, and not only did she have one, but she blogged every step of the way.  It helps other bridezillas like myself not feel alone in the planning process. 
Another thing I loved about Fash Boulevard was that she too is a graphic designer.  Girl has got some more things in common with myself!  My favorite quote I can take away from Fash Boulevard is:

"It's not about how quickly you succeed, it's about how much heart you put into it. "

This couldn't be more true to a "T."  Anyways, check this girl out, you won't be disappointed.   I love love love finding inspirational bloggers like herself.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?  Name your top 3 in my comments.

Till next time,

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