Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How I asked my Ring Bearer and Flower Girl..

Wedding planning is in full swing in our household.  We just had a few DJ meetings to find the perfect DJ for our 2014 wedding, and we found one we LOVE!  & Come to find out he also DJs at Disneyland's California Adventure at the "Mad T Party," which if you haven't been it for sure is a party.  Now that I have many vendors checked off on my list of to-dos, I was able to ask my ring-bearer and flower girl.

My mother and cousin usually go on walks on Tuesday evenings, so we set it up that I arrive at my parents house to meet up with them.  I bought a cute toy truck filled with legos, bubbles, some teddy grahams and gold fish crackers and a cute note to put in the truck to ask my cousins son to be our ring bearer. I also gave my cousin a book that explains what tasks the ring bearer has-- of course it was a kid friendly version!

He absolutely loved the truck, however he doesn't quite understand the "ring bearer" tasks yet- but no biggie! I love how he enjoyed his gift! 

Since my flower girl is my fiance's cousins daughter and she lives in Nebraska, I had to mail out my gift to her.  I purchased a handmade name bracelet and had it customized with one of my wedding colors (Tiffany Blue) so that she can wear it on the day of our wedding.  I included a decorated note asking her to be our flower girl!  She should be receiving it in the mail today and I can't wait to hear the good news!

In addition, I have asked three girls to be my bridesmaids and have one more to ask (hoping I am able to ask her tomorrow evening!)  Then we can start shopping for some bridesmaid dresses! Whoo hoo!  I handmade a wineglass for each girl with their first initials on the glass, and designed a mini book explaining tasks they are responsible for, and fun ideas I have in mind.  I included what my wedding colors are and a cute chevron bag they can use.  Here are a few photos of my girls using social media to show the world how I asked them:

And yes my MOH name in my phone is "Burp Blonde."  I'm assuming you can guess how she got her name, but here's a little background story:  In high school at a track meet we were walking towards the finish line to cheer on our freshman runners.  Mind you, she is a short, 5 foot 1 gorgeous blonde girl. On the way, she lets out this ENORMOUS belch and the parents next to us says "Wow! Even my 18 year old sons can't burp that loud!!"  It was by far, the most hilarious thing! Since then, she has been labeled in my phone as Burp Blonde!  Classy, I know.

Wedding planning is so much fun! (and stressful) but hey! That's why I'm starting early!  I can't wait to start making things for my bridal shower, and showcasing them here on my blog! It's going to be too much fun!
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What theme do you think I should do for my Bridal Shower? Any suggestions?


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