Monday, November 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend Shenanigans

This past weekend was my Birthday weekend -- yes I celebrated multiple days.. One is just not enough!  So I chose to write all about my Birthday festivities:

Friday : Most of the workday was spent enjoying  a delicious lunch bought for everyone in the office for my co-worker & I's Birthdays (we share the same birthday!)  We had a short office meeting that day too, so the workload wasn't too hectic.  And we received a Bonus.. man what a great way to end my Friday workday. 
Friday night, my fiance and I were heading to a "surprise" restaurant.  He didn't want me to know where we were going.  As soon as we got there, all my friends were there to surprise me.   After dinner, we head to my favorite local country bar.  We line danced, I took a few Birthday shots and had a blast!

Saturday :  My fiances boss planned a trip to Hollywood for all of my girlfriends and our boys.  He had a limo pick us up and we had such a blast singing, drinking, and dancing the whole hour to Hollywood.  We arrived at a delicious restaurant on top of a hill called Yamashiro.  It had the most gorgeous view of LA.  My friend and I tried caviar for the first time! It really wasn't as bad as I thought.  After dinner we started heading out to some of the local bars in the area and danced the night away.  My stomach hurt from all the laughing between us all.  I am so grateful to have such amazing friends in my life and I'm glad I was able to meet some new friends this weekend too!  I went to bed way past my bedtime, I never thought at 25 that I would ever say "It's too late!"

Sunday : On Sunday, my fiance and I head to my parents house so we could all ride together to the aquarium.  My parents Anniversary is also my Birthday, so I thought it would be nice to do something fun, yet relaxing together.  There were so many neat sea creatures.  My favorite was the otters, they were so playful! After the aquarium we went out to a nice dinner and had a view of the ocean.  It was a perfect way to end an amazing Birthday weekend.  I was so exhausted from all the festivities I hit the bed much earlier than usual and slept through the night.

Hope you had a fun filled weekend!  What did you do?  

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. This sounds like the perfect birthday weekend, you really celebrated in style :) I'm all about weekend long celebrations instead of just one day! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! And Happy Birthday!!

    Visiting from Sami's Shenanigans!


  3. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a ton of fun!! You're gorgeous and I love your two pups. New follower here on GFC :)

    atelier zozo

  4. Happened to find you when I was scrolling through my twitter people!!!
    Glad I did! :) And happy belated birthday, lady!


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