Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ingredient Swaps - Healthier Options

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Ever wonder if there's an easier way to make your meals healthier?  Well you're in luck!  Here's seven ingredients that will make your meals a healthier option for you, your friends, and your family:

1. Try using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (Makes chip dip healthier- especially my favorite onion dip-- also great for use on tacos)
2. Use spaghetti squash instead of pasta (When I am craving pasta dishes I tend to swap it out for squash because it's a veggie so it's a much healthier option)
3. Use a banana instead of an egg.  ( Try it when making pancakes, or cake. I love bananas!)
4. Use olive oil instead of butter ( When cooking anything! My go-to)
5.Use avocado instead of mayonnaise ( Try on your sandwiches-- I've never been a mayo-lover, so this is a must to keep sandwiches moist)
6.Use date sugar instead of Splenda- (Splenda and artificial sweeteners have "chemicals" which have said to be bad for your health for many reasons.
7. Use almond milk instead of cow’s milk (for cereal, cooking, or drinking-- it's my favorite! and has many nutrients!)

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