Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Wedding Favorites

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, when the leaves begin to show colors of orange and red tones.  Don't get me wrong, I am in love with Summer, (California girl forever) but being an artist, I have always incorporated  these colors in my work, and I always look towards these colors and this time of year for inspiration.  I wanted to have my engagement photos done in October because I knew the leaves would be changing and the colors would turn out fantastic!-- and that they sure did!

If I didn't choose to have a summer wedding, I probably would have chosen October.  There are so many great wedding ideas for fall weddings.  Here are my top 5 favorites:

 1. You can incorporate fall leaves into your table decorations.  Such a simple, inexpensive and beautiful item for decor.
Fall Wedding Centerpieces | Wedding Ideas, Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Diy: fall wedding ...  Keywords: #fallweddings #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us: 
Also a great idea is to flowers in the aisles.  A much cheaper alternative!
Walk way out lined in leaves but would have something covering the ground instead of just grass :) 
2. Your wedding photos will have gorgeous color in them.  Since brides normally wear ivory or white, having autumn leaves will really make your dress pop!
Fall wedding Fall Wedding Ideas Photography
3.  You can serve a fun festive signature cocktail at your wedding: Something like a pumpkin martini!
Martini  - signature cocktail for fall wedding 
4.  Your bridesmaids' dresses can be fun fall colors!
Bridesmaids - color contrast

Gibbet hill, fall bridesmaids dresses 

5. My alltime favorite:  Your wedding dress can have gorgeous lacey long sleeves.  ( I totally invisioned having a long lacey dress, but I wanted a summer wedding-- but I think they are gorgeous!!!)

Long sleeve wedding dresses lace
lace wedding dress lace wedding dresses 
What are some of your favorite fall wedding favorites? 

P.S.  How nice is Starbucks to do this for my Birthday?

 starbucks free holiday drinks

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! I've always wanted to get married in the fall!



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